How to Manage Your Budget for Live Casino Games

How to Manage Your Budget for Live Casino Games

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If you prefer live casino games, it is important to play responsibly and set a budget. Learn to manage your gambling budget using this guide.

Define Your Bankroll for Live Casino Games

When choosing which live casino matches your preferences in terms of game selection and offers, it is also important to consider the bankroll size. Your bankroll should strictly be how much you are willing to risk on gambling.

How much can you spend gaming?

There is no single answer to determining how much you can spend on gaming. The reason for this is that income and expenses vary per player. However, one general recommendation that works for all players is to consider the maximum amount you can afford to lose and set it as your bankroll size. Here are steps to help guide you in determining your bankroll size:

  1. Consider your financial level. Analyze your financial situation, including income, savings, expenses, and investments. Entertainment is good, and having a budget for this is crucial, but never gamble with necessary money like your bills, rent, school fees, or savings.
  2. Set a budget for gambling. Determine an amount you can gamble with within a specific time frame– yearly, quarterly, monthly, bi-weekly or daily. Choose an amount you can lose that wouldn’t affect you negatively.
  3. Know how much you are willing to gamble. Different casino titles carry different game odds and potential rewards. Learn how comfortable you are with certain risks and losing your stakes. If you are a low-risk taker, you can allocate a higher bankroll.
  4. Learn to apply proper bankroll management methods. Manage your bankroll effectively to avoid depleting your bankroll fast. Use less than 5% of your bankroll size on each bet. This would help extend your gameplay time and avoid huge losses that could drain your bankroll.
  5. Use tools that can help limit spending. Many online casinos have features like a minimum deposit limit and session time limit. These options can help players regulate their gambling and prevent excessive spending.
  6. Always stick to your bankroll. Avoid chasing losses and know when to quit. Walk away from the game once you’ve reached your bankroll limits.

Best Live Casino Budget Management Strategies

Budgeting strategy What it entails Risky/Safe
Fixed betting Betting equal amounts each time Safe
Proportional betting Betting a percentage of your bankroll each time Moderate
Martingale Doubles next bet after a loss and halves next bet after a win Risky
Anti-Martingale Halves subsequent bets after a loss and doubles subsequent bets after a win Risky

Choose a suitable risk level

Fixed betting is the safest budgeting strategy because you bet the same amount every round, irrespective of win/loss. A fixed bet size can limit the potential for considerable losses in a short period.

Proportional betting is another safe budgeting strategy. It would help to bet only with a percentage of your bankroll you are comfortable losing. Betting with too many significant rates could cause you to lose more money than you can afford.

Martingale and Anti-Martingale are both highly risky strategies. They are difficult because increasing or decreasing your bet size after each loss means you can lose a lot of money if you aren’t careful.

Fixed betting

Fixed betting is the simplest strategy. You determine a certain amount you are comfortable staking on each round and stick to it. This betting strategy is the safest because it carries the lowest risk if you lose,

An example is choosing a stake amount of $5 and staking this same amount consistently in every round of your live Roulette game. Choosing a casino with a wide selection of such games is essential to improve your chances and find the title best suits you.

Proportional betting

Proportional betting is a more complex budgeting strategy than fixed betting. In this method, you allocate a percentage of your bankroll to each bet. The bet size is adjusted based on the current bankroll.

For example, consider registering for a casino more focused on live Blackjack betting. If you have a bankroll size of $500 and allocate 1% to each round of Blackjack, the first round bet would be $5. If you win $100, making your entire bankroll $600, your next bet will be $6.


The Martingale strategy is a highly risky one. It involves starting with a specific bet amount and doubling it every time you lose. Once a win is secured, you half your next bet. This method is only profitable if you’re lucky to win your first set of bets.

For example, if you have a bankroll of $400 and you decide to start staking on your favourite live Baccarat game with $20. If your first bet is lost, the second bet is $40. If it results in another loss, the third bet is $80. However, if the second bet wins, your third bet is $20, and you restart the entire process again.


The Anti-Martingale strategy is the opposite of the Martingale strategy. With the Anti-Martingale strategy, you choose a starting amount and then half your next bet after a loss. If it results in a win, you double the next bet.

For example, if your bankroll is $400 and you choose your starting amount as $20. If your first stake comes out as a loss, your next stake is $10. If it results in another loss, your second stake is $10. However, if the second stake returns a win, your next stake is $20.

Why You Need to Manage Your Bankroll

Why You Need to Manage Your Bankroll

Casino Alpha experts are here to help; here’s why you should choose a wagering strategy:

  • A good wagering strategy enables you to avoid draining your bankroll too quickly.
  • It allows players to avoid reckless betting by setting limits.
  • The wagering strategy helps control the level of risk casino players expose their bankroll to.
  • It is a disciplined approach that ensures consistency in your gambling sessions.
  • The wagering strategy helps players plan long-term by setting goals, tracking activities, and adjusting play.
  • Choosing a wagering strategy can help players avoid emotional gambling.

Beware of the house edge

House edge is the percentage a casino keeps from each player’s bet. Managing your bankroll is necessary because the casino stays profitable in the long term through each bet. The larger the house edge, the more statistical advantage they have over players, especially those who don’t manage their budget carefully. Players should choose budget-friendly live casinos with lower house edges.

Implement Your Strategy For Safer Live Casino Betting

After learning about different betting strategies and why they help protect your bankroll, it is essential that players implement a good wagering strategy that works for them for safer live casino betting. Remember to gamble responsibly and carefully consider your risk tolerance for each game.

What is your strategy?

Please share with us any further advice on safe budgeting while playing live casino games. We are looking forward to hearing more tips and tricks and supporting a safe gaming experience.

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