Editorial Policy

Our team is committed to offering readers the utmost quality content. Thus, we follow a rigorous set of editorial rules and principles. Here, we will give you a glimpse into our values and standards, which we turned into our publishing ethics. From our fundamental reasoning to our research techniques and writing scheme, we cover every aspect that guides us towards delivering professional services.

What we aim for

What we aim for

Before coming up with a compelling piece of content, we always think about the message it communicates. Thus, we write our content with the following purposes in mind:

  • Informing players

Our content’s primary purpose is to guide players throughout their online gambling journey. We aim to offer our readers accurate and reliable information that will help them make the right decision. Therefore, we dedicate our time to conducting in-depth industry research and refining the data we gather to develop a concrete and relevant analysis.

Our target is to be the source that answers all your gambling queries and eases your online quests. After all, your contentment is our priority. Hence, we do our best to avoid misleading details and unnecessary facts that might affect your judgement.

  • Promoting a responsible gambling environment

Our devotion to fair and safe gaming is what leads us to be extra precautious when it comes to the information we put on our website. We stick to preaching responsible practices in all of our publications, and we have no intention of encouraging unhealthy behaviours that might put the safety of our readers at stake.

  • Adding value to the industry

Last but not least, we expect our content to bring a valuable contribution to the online gambling scene. We encourage casinos to keep up with the highest industry standards and deliver outstanding services through our texts. Helping these platforms maintain a high level of professionalism is part of our job. We are not only committed to our readers but also to adding value to the field we activate in.

Our editorial standards

Our editorial standards

As we are a team of professionals, in no way is our publishing the result of an arbitrary development. Instead, we created our own set of editorial standards for every one of our publications. This has become part of our work ethic and is what makes us unique. Let’s start by highlighting the components of our system!

Guiding principles

When composing a text, we make sure that it reflects our values. We want our work to represent us, so we follow certain guidelines that improve our wording quality and show consistency. These are some of the principles that define our content:

  • Transparency

In essence, we present facts just as they are. We don’t alter data or state misleading information anywhere on our site. We are as transparent as we can be when addressing our readers, and we expect the same approach from our affiliates. Our experts do not glamourise reality nor compensate in any way for the less-advantageous facts. This is what makes our content reliable!

Moreover, we are not owned by another company or casino corporation. This entails that our material is not negatively or positively biased to any of the brands listed on your site. Our analysis is completely objective, and we operate freely according to our own judgement.

  • Building trust

This aspect is directly linked to the previous one. We want our customers to see us as trustworthy informers and our affiliates as authentic partners. Therefore, we create relationships based on trust, equity, and correctness. This is what our texts reflect, as well!

Don’t think about our site as a rigid and monotonous learning portal, but rather as an information aggregator that is always there to give you the advice that you need. Our straightforward and receptive approach allows us to get closer to our readers and make them feel like they are part of the team. We know exactly what you are looking for, and we do our best to meet your expectations.

  • Security and privacy

The safety of our customers is at the frontline of our intentions. Our experts do their best to keep up with the gambling laws and the ever-changing environment to ensure our work complies with the latest industry standards. Let’s be honest; things are moving pretty quickly in the online setting. So, whenever an adjustment occurs, we will be the first to find out about it!

We explore every nook and cranny of the New Zealand betting legislation to be able to protect you from the illicit side of the online gambling industry. In this way, you will never have to worry about the security of your personal and financial information, nor about your privacy.

  • Entertainment

Leaving everything aside, let’s not forget the main reason you are here for! To have an enjoyable past-time and forget about the hustle of daily life. At the end of the day, the seriousness reflected in our work is only a way to strengthen the importance of responsible gambling. However, it doesn’t mean that this activity should take a sober tone.

Besides stating hard, cold facts, we also want our readers to enjoy their time online and have a memorable experience. So, don’t take our content too seriously, but don’t view it as child’s play either.

  • Feedback

How can we keep up with your needs other than through your feedback? Because our texts are intended for both new and experienced players, we need to cover the demands of all Kiwi punters. Therefore, we notice every comment that you make and try to implement your suggestions into our future publications.

If something doesn’t seem right or you simply feel like our content needs improvement, do not hesitate to let us know. After all, you are our main priority!

The team behind everything

The team behind everything

Authors, casino experts, website editors or whatever you want to call them are the driving force of our website. Our professional team is ready to take on every challenge and overcome any obstacle that might stay in the way of delivering over-the-top services. Here are their fundamentals:

  • Authorship

Authorship plays a crucial part in our content. Our experts bring a substantial contribution to the site, making sure that the readers receive all the information they need clearly and concisely. Authors are well-trained in filtering information and separating concrete facts from shallow or misleading details. Moreover, they analyse and interpret data to the best of their abilities, rather than just presenting it as it is. That is why our publications are one hundred percent original.

  • Responsibilities

To ensure that the content we put on our site is of high quality, our contributors stick to a specific set of responsibilities. They use their comprehensive and analytical skills to complete the writing process. First, they explore the topic in-depth, conducting extensive research. Sorting out ideas and outlining an analysis comes next. Then, everything is put in place according to a writing scheme and the guiding principles listed above. The final step is checking the publication, correcting the mistakes and ensuring that all the important aspects have been covered.

  • Cooperative analysis

Cooperation is part of the editorial process. As a team, we work together to improve our content and provide efficient solutions to our players. All of our texts result from mutual effort, and reflect the opinions, impressions and judgement of several team members. Therefore, before coming up with striking material, we brainstorm ideas, perform market comparison and discuss linguistic choices. Moreover, we test out multiple writing techniques, analyse the results and improve our future strategies to keep up with our readers.

Our marketing role

Our marketing role

Even though we are an affiliate site, we do not allow this to be the sole and definitive aspect of our platform. Our content does not only define us but also the companies that we work with. Therefore, we select our partners carefully and collaborate only with the ones that meet our rigorous criteria.

One of our mission statements implies that marketing should not be deceiving. It should reflect reality and offer customers valid and accurate reasons to try out a specific offering.

That is correlated with our transparency principle. When listing certain brands on our site, we make sure to mirror their exact values and intentions.

These are a few elements that we look for in a partner:

  • Platform licensed by at least one regulatory body
  • Following the industry’s rules and legislation
  • Putting their customers first
  • Transparent and reliable information
  • Solid offering
  • Honouring their promise

Editorial code

In essence, it represents the most important factors you can find incorporated in our content – our code of conduct. Like any other publishing website, our editorial code is unique. It reflects our work ethic, as well as certain values we want to instil in our readers. More specifically, it is the convention we follow when completing tasks.

Editorial code

  • Ensuring accuracy

This is probably the first thing a reader looks for when scanning a text. Therefore, accuracy is at the top of our priorities. We thoroughly verify the information we gather, as well as the source it is coming from. We never rely on doubtful or disputable sources. Instead, we look for trustworthy authorities capable of providing valuable data and demonstrating their expertise in the industry.

Whenever possible, we verify the findings ourselves. For example, in the process of writing casino reviews, we always create our account and test every platform feature. Suppose the information stated on the site is erroneous or imprecise. In that case, we carry out further investigations to get to the root of the problem.

  • Presenting information in a clear and concise way

We know that readers have different levels of comprehension. Thus, we make our content as easy to understand as possible. The analysis we conduct is straightforward, concise, and effortlessly to interpret. After all, we don’t want to confuse our players with complicated terms, lengthy phrases and complex structures. Even if you are new to this industry, you will be able to learn the terminology and grasp its insights in no time!

  • Disclosing our sources

Not only do we double-check our sources, but we also disclose them. Usually, we collect data from gambling institutions, journalistic articles, economic and statistical reports. Whenever we use relevant information from these sources, we will state them in our reference list. In this way, you can verify the data yourself and strengthen your reliability towards us. You can find the reference list at the end of our texts, and if you click one of the sources, you will be automatically redirected to its website.

  • Offering advice based on the first-hand experience

Besides consulting multiple sources, we also conduct our own research. We always test the platforms before listing them on our site. Becoming a player ourselves enables us to understand what users are looking for in a gambling site. Moreover, this is what helps us gather valuable insights and uncover the platform’s hidden aspects.

In this way, we know exactly how to guide punters towards an optimal casino experience and what suggestions to offer them. The advice that we give is based on our own trial and aims to shield you from possible disputes, confusion or misinterpretation.

  • Updating the information and correcting our mistakes

This is part of ensuring the accuracy of our content. Because the online environment is in continuous change, the veracity of the information we provide could also be altered. Therefore, we do our best to regularly update our site and revisit the casinos displayed there to check for relevant modifications. Although we carefully verify our texts, errors may still occur. In this case, we will correct the mistakes as soon as possible.

What do we offer?

Our website provides all sorts of useful pages meant to answer Kiwi players’ queries and ease their decision-making process. These pages are not only informative but also explanatory. They serve a specific purpose determined by a particular need. Have a look at the types of content on our site!

Casino reviews

Perhaps the broadest area covered by us, a casino review is the primary source one consults before joining a gambling site. They include multiple sections defined by a certain topic. For example, we discuss aspects like the platform’s registration process, games, bonuses, payment methods and customer support. Moreover, we conduct an analysis of the site’s features and offers, highlighting its advantages and drawbacks.

What are they good for?

In our opinion, reading a review is essential before deciding to claim a bonus at a particular casino. This applies both to new players, as well as experienced ones. You need to gather as much information as possible beforehand in order to know what you are dealing with. In this way, you can avoid unmet expectations, disputes or unsatisfactory results.

What to expect from them?

Besides general information and detailed analysis, you also have access to valuable insights and advice from industry experts. The reviews include some key components that appear under the form of ‘Tips’, ‘Recommendation’, ‘Be aware’ and ‘Disclaimer’. Additionally, you may encounter bonus information written as ‘Important’ or ‘Fun Fact’.

These are what we call the core elements of our reviews, and they are also the assets that set us apart from other similar websites. In essence, they are pieces of advice you get from us, categorised in specific structures.

Let’s take them one by one:

Tips – something you may consider to enhance your casino experience.

Recommendation – advice from us based on our own involvement with the platform.

Be aware – a crucial detail about the casino that might negatively impact your experience.

Disclaimer – a statement highlighting the importance of your own judgement in a certain situation.

Important – essential information you must remember about a specific casino aspect (similar to ‘Be aware’ but not necessarily negative).

Fun fact – an interesting observation or trivia that will not affect your playing experience in any way.

  • Bonuses


All of our casinos offer certain casino bonuses NZ and promotions designed for Kiwi players. They intend to help customers get accustomed to the platform and try out multiple games without spending any real funds. Because there are hundreds of offers out there, we have a special section dedicated to them.

How we list offers

These are categorised according to multiple aspects. For example, we have pages that include specific types of bonuses such as:

Or promotions compatible with different game types, providers or payment methods such as:

As we are a bonus filtering platform, we analyse what gamblers are looking for and tailor our website according to these findings. In essence, we provide personalised bonuses fitted for different types of players.

According to website analytics, around 60% of the users visiting our platform spend a fair amount of time reading multiple bonus descriptions. Therefore, we concluded that promotional summaries play a crucial role in the decision-making process of a Kiwi punter.

Whenever you see an offer listed on our site, you should expect it to include the following:

  1. Wagering requirement
  2. Expiration period
  3. Available games
  4. Bet/spin value
  5. Maximum cashout
  6. Restricted payment methods

  • Guides


We refer to these as informational pages explaining how to perform different casino actions or simply offering details about a specific topic. For example, you can explore an entire section dedicated to a certain payment method or game provider.

Unlike reviews, which focus on a particular brand, informational pages are more general and include data from multiple sources that apply to several casinos. They present and explain common industry terms, situations or issues. They are segmented into three specialized hubs: legal guides, player guides, and gambling addiction issues.

Blog posts

Apart from keeping our readers informed, we also aim to entertain them and feed their curiosity through blog posts. We cover an array of subjects from the same area of interest – gambling. Overall, blog posts have a more laid-back approach, but at the same time, they still reflect our editorial standards. In addition to that, they may have different tones and adopt multiple structures.

Keeping you safe

Keeping you safe

Safety is one of the elements reflected in all of our publications. Whether we are talking about casino reviews, bonuses or informational pages, they all aim to present accurate gambling facts while also being genuine regarding the dangers of online betting.

In no way are we encouraging you to gamble or to take part in activities that might be harmful to your mental and physical health. However, you should be aware of the fact that once you join this environment, you are exposed to certain risks. Therefore, we do our best to protect you from them by providing all the necessary prevention tools through our content.

Responsible gambling

First and foremost, we shall highlight the importance of responsible gaming. The goal of our publications is not only to inform players but also to make them comprehend every aspect of the gambling industry, albeit positive or negative, and teach them the fundamentals of practising this activity safely. Hence, we offer plenty of pages discussing responsible gambling:

Fair play and data protection

Online safety does not only imply preventing gambling addiction. It also refers to aspects like protecting your personal and financial data, ensuring fair play and privacy. All these elements contribute to a secure gaming experience.

This is our stance on this matter:

  • We only list licensed casinos on our site.
  • We always consult verified sources to gather data and support our information.
  • We do not promote gambling websites that don’t use RNG systems and data encryption technologies.
  • We select our partners based on their professionalism and legally compliant practices.

The contribution we bring

In the end, we aim to offer our Kiwi readers the best services possible. We want to meet each and every one of your expectations. Therefore, we tailor our content according to you. This is what determined us to stick to a specific publishing policy and develop a strong work ethic. Yet, we leave room for improvement, and we look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Should you need further information, do not hesitate to check our wide range of pages and visit the links and resources provided by us. Moreover, you can keep up with us via newsletter and social media.