How to Improve Your Live Dealer Game Odds & Decision-Making

8 Out of 10 Live Dealer Players Don't Use This Pro Tips for Quickfire Winnings

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Making quick yet effective decisions is critical to success when playing fast-paced live dealer casino games. 8 out 10 gamblers don’t know how to improve their odds while gambling. With us, you could be the one who: Thinks Fast, Wins Big.

It’s time to master the art of rapid decision-making to gain an edge in live dealer casino games.

The Art of Fast and Effective Decision-Making in Live Dealer Games

The faster we make choices in live casino games, the easier it is to take pressure off ourselves and give it to other players. Acting quickly is easy for most people, but fast and effective decision-making requires us to gather important information that can influence our decisions and, ultimately, the outcomes of those decisions.

Making emotional choices is usually the beginning of the end for any casino player. So, to avoid this from happening, it’s best to formulate a basic strategy to avoid making a mistake like betting with emotions. Using probabilities instead of pattern recognition, intuition, and gut feeling, helps us to accept losses, quit while we’re ahead, and increase our chances of winning.

6 Tips to Improve Your Chances in Every Live Dealer Game

6 Tips to Improve Your Chances in Every Live Dealer Game

  1. Make a strategy and stick to it.
  2. Choose the best live table games at the best sites.
  3. Know when to quit.
  4. Embrace winning streaks.
  5. Remove emotions from your game.
  6. Research hands, odds, and rules.

CasinoAlpha’s Recommendation: Practice When the Pressure is Off

There’s no point in trying to get good at fast-paced decision-making when you’re in the thick of an important game. Instead, try honing your skills in a free game or one where it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. This way, you get to practice the art of fast-thinking without suffering too much if it doesn’t go your way.

How to Improve Your Live Dealer Blackjack Odds

How to Improve Your Live Dealer Blackjack Odds

  • Enter tables with a lower number of decks.
  • Avoid playing multiple games simultaneously.
What to do? Why do it?
Don’t play 6-5 blackjack. It increases the house edge by 1.4%. Instead, play a 3-2.
Don’t use insurance. With the exception of skilled card counters, insurance usually increases a player’s chances of losing a bet and provides a house edge of 7.4%.
Surrender a 16 score against a 10. Most people are unaware of the surrender bet rule, but using it when you have a 16 against a 10 lets you retain half of your bet when the odds are stacked against you.
Avoid side bets. Side bets can increase the house edge by up to 20%.

Play Texas Hold’Em Poker Smart

Play Texas Hold'Em Poker Smart

  • Play poker games with a lower number of seats.
  • Split your bankroll.
  • Don’t play at expert tables if you’re a novice.
What to do? Why do it?
Don’t show your cards unless you have to. If you successfully bluff and cause another player to fold, you don’t need to show them your hand. Maintaining the illusion of a good hand will improve your chances later in the game.
Don’t overplay. Overplaying is one of the first things a good poker player will notice. You can’t have a good hand all the time, so folding when the time is right will increase your chances of success, even if you are a master bluffer!
Pay attention to the table position when making big bets. If you’re one of the first players after the blinds to bet, you need to be sure that your hand is strong enough to back up any bets you make. If you try and bluff in this position, you risk a raise by a player before the dealer with a strong hand that could make you fold.
Understand your position. Understanding how to play in each table position will help you improve your chances of winning throughout the game and stop other players at the table from taking advantage of you.

Roulette: Do’s & Don’t from Experts

Roulette Do's & Don't from Experts

  • Try playing roulette wheel in free play mode if you’re a beginner
  • Use bonus spins when they’re available
  • Select a reputable provider
What to do Why do it?
Play outside bets within the table minimums. You’ll cover more of the numbers on the wheel. For example, betting on only red or black accounts for 18 of the 38 available combinations.
Spread bets by placing two equal-sized outside bets. If a player bets on one even-money option and a column, they’re left with 26 numbers to score on, including four repetitions of the same numbers.
Play a European game. European roulette has a house edge of 2.63%, which is half that found in the American variant.
Try a strategy like the Martingale or Fibonacci systems. Intermediate-advanced players who exhibit self-discipline could benefit from a higher probability of winning by using one of these systems during a live casino game.

Baccarat – To Do List

Baccarat - To Do List

What to do Why do it?
Avoid tie bets. The house edge on a tie is 14.36%, despite providing the largest payout ratio of 8:1.
Use limits. Setting limits for your wins and losses helps you stay in control when you gamble.
Bet with the banker. The house has a theoretical edge of 1.06%, and the RTP is 98.94%.
Avoid going all-in. No matter how confident you are in your hand, you don’t get a second turn if you go all-in once your bets are covered. Avoiding all-in situations automatically gives you a higher likelihood of staying in the game for longer.

CasinoAlpha’s Final Recommendation

Whether you’re on a land-based casino, playing online, or on mobile, it usually pays dividends to have a firm understanding of how you can affect the odds of the game in your favor. You can play a variety of live online casino games that simulate gameplay in a real casino. However you gamble, always find out how to optimize the probabilities for any casino game you interact with.

It’s also wise to keep learning the rules and strategies that allow you to get the most out of a limited number of options. Our guides and reviews are a great way to learn about the nuances of games you’ve probably never considered!

Best Live Casinos to Practice the Tips

Live Casinos Live Dealer Games Casino Rating
Conquestador +100 4.3/5
FreeSpino +99 4.3/5
PlayDingo +99 4.5/5
ProntoBet +66 5/5
NeonVegas 50 4.1/5
BetCoco 50 4.2/5
Spinz Casino 50 4.5/5
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