Safest & Riskiest Live Casino Bets

Safest & Riskiest Live Casino Bets

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Generally, there are two types of Live Casino bets; high-risk and low-risk. In this guide, we take a look at what these two types of bets are and who are the kind of people that indulge in either type.

Betting Strategies for Every Live Casino Player

Different types of players adopt different types of strategies while playing. There are mainly two types of players in an online casino; high rollers and low rollers. Here is an account of what differentiates the two.

Two Types of Players

In a casino, we often come across two kinds of people. There is a person willing to spend a significant amount of money and a budget-conscious gambler who cautiously avoids huge risks.

The first category of people can be called high rollers. Typically a high roller has a lot of games where bets start from $20 to even $80 or higher, such as blackjack, roulette and poker. Usually, casinos reward high rollers because of their gameplay and for stacking massive amounts.

The other category of people is referred to as low rollers. Although there is no proper definition of a low roller, these people defy the belief that you must spend thousands of pounds to succeed at gambling. However, for a small minimum bet, ranging from 10 dollars to even 5-dollar or 1-dollar deposits, low rollers can still benefit from a dynamic and possibly advantageous gaming experience.

What is the Safest Live Casino Game?

When choosing a gaming platform, we suggest going for blackjack casinos, as live blackjack is by far the safest option. The main goal of the players is to compete against the dealer using a deck of 52 cards and get a higher total than the dealer without exceeding the number 21.

As the payouts in blackjack are not as high as the other games, players often adopt some strategies and make it easier for themselves. Some of the most commonly used techniques are:

  1. Doubling the bet when trying to achieve a 10 and splitting the aces and 8’s.
  2. Not splitting 10 value cards of a pair of 5’s. Using two 5’s as a pair to get a 10 will give you a good chance of getting a 10 and increase your chances of getting a 20 when hit.
  3. By maximising the bet when you are on a winning streak, you have a very good chance at maximising profits, but always be mindful of when that streak starts to slow down.

Live Casino Bets from Safe to Risky

New Zealand players should consider the following order when choosing the most beneficial live casino: blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Our experts have decided on this ranking based on the safety and risk degree of the bets’ quality.

Let’s take a look at the individual bets from all these games and how they can be played as safely as possible.


Blackjack Bets

With each additional dollar wagered, a player’s chances of winning the blackjack game rise. Because of the great likelihood of winning, this even makes the game safer for the participants.

The various blackjack bet types, together with their odds and probabilities, are shown here.

Bets Odds
Insurance Bet 47.3%
Perfect Pairs 31.8%
21 + 3 47.3%

Roulette Bets

The best probability of winning is on an outside wager. ‘Outside bets’ encompass a sizable portion of a roulette game’s potential outcomes. Your reward will be relatively small due to the increased likelihood of winning; it will only be 1:1 for wagers like odd or even, which cover nearly half the wheel.

Bets Odds
Red or Black 47.37%
Odd or Even 31.6%
Dozen 32.4%

Baccarat Bets

When it comes to baccarat, higher odds are always a safe option. Here are the types of bets and the odds they generate.

Bets Odds
Banker’s hand to win 45.86%
Player’s hand to win 44.63%
Tie 9.51%

Safe Betting Tips and Strategies

In the context of an online casino, responsibility and self-care are crucial. Here are some pointers for playing casino games:

  • Be informed about the game’s regulations.
  • Before wagering significantly, understand the game and gain experience.
  • Play at reputable online casinos.

How to Manage Your Bankroll with Safe Bets

Managing your funds and choosing a safe and budget-friendly live casino is essential to ensure a secure gambling activity. Several pointers include:

  • Consider odds when making bets.
  • Analyse your bets and keep a notebook.
  • Make sure the platform you are using implements responsible gaming tools, like reality checks, deposit limits, and gaming history.

Betting Tips for High Rollers

High rollers always tend to go big when it comes to betting, which is why they are the casino owner’s favourite people. Here are a few tips for betting as a high roller:

  • The first minimum deposit and last payout should always be substantial.
  • Put large stakes towards the end of the game.
  • Good budget management.

Martingale: A High Roller’s Favourite Strategy

The Martingale strategy is popular amongst high rollers as it helps them control their losses. For example, you increase your bet for each unsuccessful roulette spin in roulette.

Theoretically, this implies that if you win again, you’ll make back all of your prior losses in addition to a modest profit.

Live Casino Strategies and Bonuses

The key to clearing a bonus is to use low-stakes, low-risk games like blackjack to tip the statistical chances in your favour. You will typically lose less money than the bonus sum, allowing you to keep the difference.

Summary of our Guide for NZ Players

Our experts collected some of the essential details on live gambling by addressing the available game types, possible strategies, and useful tips. There is no purpose in engaging in such a lifestyle because gambling recklessly may have a lot of bad effects on a person’s life.

What’s your choice?

Which is your go-to live casino game? We look forward to adding more tips and strategies to our blogs to suit a wider range of players

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