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CasinoAlpha is a website aimed at educating and helping New Zealanders in their online gambling choice. You can use our website and professional advice free of charge.

What you will find here:

  1. Transparent reviews which we create after testing the online casinos available in New Zeeland.
  2. Informational pages that can improve your gameplay through various advices and steps.
  3. Articles about various iGaming topics.

We follow specific standards to ensure that each piece of content is published in its best form.

We’re known for objectivity and transperancy!

Company info

Company Name
Extremoo Marketing SRL
Area Served
Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, Canada
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Registry no.
Mesteacanului nr.4

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

CasinoAlpha is the most refined project from Extremoo Group, a young and fast-growing company in the online gambling domain. Currently, it has accumulated a little over 6 years of experience.

Through thick and thin, constant challenges and several major legislation changes, they learned, expanded their horizons, and achieved an unparalleled match between their services and the needs of the gambler.

Powered by an intense need to educate gamblers into making better financial and health decisions, the hours of work invested and the many brainstorming meetings resulted in an evolving knowledge bank. Consider it as a free casino encyclopedia.

Extremoo Marketing common interests and a healthy work-oriented approach motivate us towards success. Our principles are:

  1. Focus on professionalism
  2. Construncting and maintaining a good reputation
  3. Growth
  4. Evolution by merit

Insights about the team

Insights about the team

Our team is the baseline of our expertise and results. All our writers are genuine experts who use their years in casinos, card tournaments, and sports-related bets to help create the reviews.

Besides the experience within this field, our teammates worked as:

  • Publishers for newspapers or other companies;
  • Social media specialists;
  • Translators.

They all respect the same fundamental principles in their work. You can meet the whole team on the dedicated page.

Our guiding principles

Our guiding principles

We base our content on four rules we follow as a law:

  • Research
  • Safety
  • Independence
  • Player protection



Each text that we create is based on hours of communal effort into market research. The point is to thoroughly understand the big picture and present it as objective as possible; transparency is one of our principles.

This information gathering process from multiple sources is performed on all our casino reviews, blog posts, and gambling guides. And it’s a must to consult only reliable sources that constitute authorities in this field.

We want to have a solid base of consolidating what we write for your information, pleasure, and convenience.

How we stay between the lines:

  1. We came up with procedures we always use when researching a topic.
  2. We comply with the New Zeeland laws and make sure that all our actions are green-lighted.
  3. We always look for more than one source when gathering our information.
  4. We add quoted references for pages that must include this aspect.


If we take over a piece of information from an external source that proves to be faulty in the end, we will make an effort to correct the discrepancy as soon as possible. We will spare no effort to correct the record, but we do not take responsibility for other sources’ mistakes.



Your welfare is of prime importance to us. That is why we have a stack of check-up strategies that we use daily to ensure that everything is safe.

SSL encryption

We protect our website through SSL technology to ensure that everything is seamless across all devices. We update all servers constantly too, so any problems regarding web attacks are out of the discussion.


You can be sure that your data and your cookie traces will be kept safe with us. We do not use your data in any means other than the ones stated in our Privacy Policy. We never share it with third parties under any circumstance. We hope that you use our site freely and without any additional stress about your well-being and privacy.

For further reads, you can check our terms of service to get more familiar with what we are about and our obligation to you and from your side to ours.



We are a self-serving, self-owned company, meaning that we are not in any way owned or controlled by an online casino or adjacent company. This independence status allows us to create only objective content.

We do have a financial agreement with the online casinos that we promote. This means that we receive a sum of money for every casino we review and add on CasinoAlpha.

That does not stop us from detailed and fair reviews. You can rely on us and the experience we have for an unbiased overview.

We are here to bring you:

  • a clear picture;
  • highlight the positives;
  • draw attention to the negatives;
  • advise how to move forward with your play efficiently, safely, and productively.


Our partnership with gambling websites does not change the way we view things. We conduct the same research and use the same criteria when writing the review. Moreover, all of the aspects we cover are debated by our teammates to bring you a balanced view of your opportunities.

Player protection

Player Protection

Your mental and physical health matter a lot to us. This is why we have three particular end goals when it comes to the protection of New Zealand gamblers.

  • We will always remind you of the healthy boundaries

These relate to your budget and time, and plenty of casinos implement these features. The sites that offer you these options will be positively reviewed.

  • We are against underage gambling

We work closely with health experts to uncover the best methods of protection (how to protect your child) regarding minors. We know that prevention is vital, so that is why we have special pages where we assert this matter. We tend to stray away from casinos that might be eye-catching for minors to prevent this.

  • We cover responsible gambling through various guides

We are fully aware of the industry; therefore, we have particular sections kiwis can turn to. We have step-by-step guides or informative articles that disclose sufficient details about this matter.

We offer you the guidance, the tools, and the support to become more responsible player in New Zeeland.

We promise to continuously improve our approach when it comes to a healthy perspective on online gambling.

Four types of articles available

On CasinoAlpha, you can find four types of content pieces. To make sure you use them at their full potential, check for their meaning.

Casino reviews

Casino Reviews

These texts are meant to give an extensive overview of NZ casinos, to have before you make the decision to log in, deposit, and play. The texts are structured in sections, divided by theme and importance. There, we accentuate crucial elements through our Tips/Recommendation/Be aware/Important messages.

Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses

These short format texts are small-scale bits that present you the offers available at an online casino. There, we state the essential technical details, steps and other influential factors.

Casino guides

Casino guide

Our team creates guides and advanced strategies for gaming in an intelligent and financially advantageous manner. These treat only topics that are of interest so that they can be helpful for all players who read them.

Blog posts

Blog Posts

We want to keep pace with the trends and topics that are of interest to you in the iGaming industry. Here, you can find out captivating stories, subjects, and curious phenomenon and facts presented and commented by our team.

Before reaching kiwi players

The form you see on the site is acquired after an intensive process of research. We dedicate more than 7 hours to write an in-depth analysis of the casino, and we follow certain steps how we write casino reviews that conduct to creating the product. In addition to that, we have a special team that checks if the information is accurate and address the intended message.

Stay close!

Now it’s your turn! We introduced ourselves, but we want to know something from you too. You can leave feedback to help us improve our work or comment in the designated section. We post regularly on social media too. Don’t forget to hit subscribe button to stay updated with the latest additions!