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CasinoAlpha New Zealand is the number one online resource for online casinos, online casino bonuses and gambling news.

Meet CasinoAlpha New Zealand!

We are an independent online casino affiliate, and we review and rate licensed online casinos for New Zealand players. CasinoAlpha New Zealand sends NZ gamblers to the casino’s website after reviewing it in detail. For this affiliation, we receive financial compensation that doesn’t affect the integrity of our ratings.

We are affiliates, we are not a casino. We do not directly offer casino bonuses, games, or other real-money gambling services. We analyse and critique casino services.

By providing unbiased data, we believe you can make better gambling decisions that will have a positive impact on your finances and health. We promise to give you a clear picture of both the good and the bad aspects, even though we receive monetary compensation in the form of affiliate earnings. We have created a system that treats each NZ operator equally and fairly and represents our values accurately.

Our mission is to remain an independent entity, not owned in any way by a gambling operator. This allows us to remain focused on gamblers’ needs, push the envelope, and positively impact their experience.

What We Do

We constantly update our site with several types of content. Here they are:

Online casino reviews for NZ players

CasinoAlpha New Zealand creates casino reviews for all top NZ online casinos to see which are the best overall.

Here are 4 crucial assessments we follow when reviewing casinos:

  • We list and test the payment services available and how they affect your gambling budget.
  • We look for any hidden fees and how much they will cost you if you have a longer experience on the casino site.
  • We crunch the numbers on how many games we find, what types we found and which software provider created it.
  • We test and complete the wagering of the casino bonuses available to assess their quality and give it a fair rating you can use when choosing what promotion to play next.

Our reviews are created by authors and editors. We believe that a group effort minimises normal human error and bias. We delegate the investigation and initial writing stage to one of our team members, and then an editor checks it for inconsistencies. You can learn more about our testing and editing methods in the How we review section.

Online casino bonus reviews

Each bonus we publish undergoes a testing and rating process similar to the review texts. We claim the bonus, play with it until we get to the withdrawal stage and make notes of our experience along the way.

We make this effort to build upon and update our selection of top NZ casino bonuses. There, we not only list them but compare them against each other, so you get a clear picture of your gambling opportunities.

Here are the 6 major bonus features we examine:

  • Wagering requirements, if they are around the industry average and how long they take to complete
  • Bonus limits, from how much you can bet to how much you are allowed to cashout
  • Availability timeframes, where the longer periods are graded highly because they do not apply pressure on you to gamble more than you need daily or weekly
  • What financial services can you use when playing with a real-money NZ bonus, and if they allow popular payment services in the country
  • The game selection you can wager on, as well as banned games and RTPs
  • We also look through the bonus terms to identify if you need to enter a specific bonus code

On average, testing a bonus takes us 4 days. We make notes of the crucial aspects we encounter in that timeframe and rate the quality of each individual offer.

Ranking & tops

We have pages that compile your best options for a specific gambling category. We use the data we extract to create them when reviewing a casino and its bonuses. Through our editorial process, we have settled on the fact that once you get the chance to compare all the offers, you will have a higher chance of picking a bonus worth your time and investment.

Each ranking page is updated constantly, undergoing a quality audit every 2 months. CasinoAlpha New Zealand provides all the data and tools you need to make smarter financial choices.


CasinoAlpha New Zealand is your free knowledge bank for online gambling. We create texts that explain and break down all the aspects you need to be aware of when you gamble.

Here are the 4 text types we publish for you:

  1. Player guides – tackling rules, strategies, analyses, and casino banking tips
  2. Legal guides – focused on legislation and related topics
  3. Gambling addiction guides – present methods of tackling the symptoms and show you local or international resources
  4. Gambling blog posts – where we update you on the latest news in the NZ gambling industry

All of the CasinoAlpha New Zealand authors have years of experience in the gambling domain and are willing to share their expertise with our readers. Each person has a unique view, and we promote a diversity of opinions and points of view when publishing our guides or blog posts,

Our Core Values

We believe that the only way to be fully transparent with you is to show you our true values and what motivates us to make this project better every day.

So here are our main work ethic features:

  • Integrity: We have a complex way of vetting how our content rates the gambling operators that eliminates error and bias. We do daily checks on our site to see if what we wrote is factually correct and up to date.
  • Player control: We believe that the end goal of our work is to be easily used by you when you decide where, when, what, and how much to play. By sharing all the facts we discovered with you, you can be in control of your gambling.
  • Safety: We only publish reviews of licensed casinos, and the same applies to bonuses. We do not promote or mention sites that might harm you in any way.
  • Independence: Our content is dictated by our experiences testing a product, and our assessments are dictated by our expertise in online gambling. No other external factors change the way we review or rate.
  • Money management: We know the potentially negative impact of chaotic bets on your well-being. We make an effort to minimise and completely eliminate them by showing you smarter ways of choosing where and what to play.
  • Progress: We aim to make the NZ gambling industry cleaner and safer. We know that such an effort requires constant work and adapting to new waves of trends or regulations. We update our editorial policies every time a new aspect that might affect you takes over the online gambling space.

Company Info

Parent Organization
Extremoo Marketing SRL
Tudor Turiceanu
Tudor Turiceanu
Available in Ireland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Romania, Japan, Spain
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More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

More on Extremoo Marketing Group, the Owner Company

Extremoo Marketing Group has more than 8 years of experience in the online gambling industry in several markets with their own legal framework. We have gained enough momentum to apply our knowledge and push the envelope in every situation.

CasinoAlpha was launched in 2021 and has undergone several major changes since then to keep up with the industry’s movement. We know how to adapt our services and keep them relevant to you rapidly.

Extremoo Marketing has always aimed to help online gamblers through free content and tools. We believe that transparent rankings that fairly analyse each brand and compare it with similar competitors improve your experience.

Extremoo Marketing bases its work around 4 core principles:

  1. Placing professionalism as our number 1 priority
  2. Maintaining a good reputation in the industry
  3. Preserve a work environment that promotes professional and personal growth
  4. Keeping the trajectory of employees in a plan based on merit

Company Numbers

Brands Reviewed +850
No.of Experts +30
Articles Published +10.000
Years of Expertise 8

Introducing Tudor Turiceanu, our CEO and Chief Editor

Tudor Turiceanu is the founder, CEO, and Chief Editor of CasinoAlpha New Zealand. He constantly works on our content, checking and editing all the texts we upload on our site. His unique approach guides the entire team to focus on you and your needs, thus positively impacting your gambling experience.

Tudor Turiceanu has 18 years of experience in gambling. He started as a player, battled gambling addiction, recovered and then started analysing each game, site, and trend to understand the processes that go on behind the scenes.

His personal experience and struggle with gambling addiction built his conviction that all industry operators and affiliates should prioritise the needs and health of gamblers.

His perspective drives the work ethic of CasinoAlpha experts. Tudor Turiceanu is committed to teaching the value of transparent, trustworthy, and truly helpful content to every team member.

His editorial direction guides the way we craft and publish content:

  1. We do not cut corners when it comes to review features that might negatively affect your gambling experience
  2. Each ranking goes deeply into hidden terms and rules and highlights the negative aspects as well as the positive ones
  3. He checks our gambling guides for accuracy and helps us make them better and more useful for any New Zealand gambler

CasinoAlpha’s Chief Editor continually provides in-depth training and regular feedback to his team, nurturing an absolute culture of transparency, security, and objectivity for online players.

CasinoAlpha’s History & Milestones

Extremoo Marketing was launched in 2016 and has always worked to break the barriers of the online casino industry. Each year added a layer of expertise that we apply to our current-day content. Here’s a brief presentation of our journey:

  • In 2016, Extremoo Marketing launched to clean up the reputation of casino affiliation and make it more user-focused.
  • In 2019, CasinoAlpha United Kingdom was launched, making it the first model of the CasinoAlpha brand. It handled and rated United Kingdom-licensed casinos.
  • In 2020, CasinoAlpha’s first extension came to light: CasinoAlpha Romania was launched, reviewed, and rated ONJN casinos for the Romanian market.
  • In 2021, CasinoAlpha New Zealand was launched, the project you are currently visiting. We aimed to understand the needs of Kiwi gamblers and rate the casinos and bonuses on our quality scale.
  • In 2022, a new project came to light: CasinoAlpha Ireland, solely focused on Irish online casinos and online casino bonuses aimed at Irish gamblers.
  • In 2023, we managed to launch CasinoAlpha in multiple languages, thus satisfying the need for an honest casino review website on the global market.

CasinoAlpha is now an established name in the online gambling industry, and we will maintain our fair reputation by analysing which casinos reach their full potential for safety and entertainment.

What is the next step for CasinoAlpha?

We are currently working on launching CasinoAlpha at a global scale. We will use what we’ve learned over the years in specific markets to review and rate casino operators that are available internationally. Our mission and principles will stay the same: an integral, objective analysis of the top brands.

We promise to do justice to our 8 years of experience and give users the best version of CasinoAlpha yet. You will be able to rely on our data and tools and understand which casinos actually have a good output for your gaming, not just a good reputation.

Independence and strict publishing principles will still be part of our operating model. We will offer our expertise globally and reach more gamblers by aiming our content at a higher level.

Going globally is the natural step in our evolution as a company that has stayed glued to gambling trends since 2016. Now that we have tested over 3500 casinos and more than 6300 bonuses from the UK, Romania, New Zealand and Ireland, we can apply this knowledge bank to a bigger and broader scale. We believe it is the appropriate time to have a large-scale casino review system that accurately rates global casinos and brings awareness to the possible gambling traps that might be set ahead. We will continue to improve our review process once we delve into more specific cases of the largest online casino operators.” (Tudor Turiceanu, Founder, CEO and Chief Editor).

Why Trust CasinoAlpha New Zealand

We promote secure and fair information about online casinos by creating transparent and trustworthy content. CasinoAlpha New Zealand has always been and will continue to be a free and reliable source for Kiwi gamblers. We will work on improving your experiences as an online gambler.

Our authors and editors will continue to add and improve our casino database with reviews, bonuses, and gambling guides. Each text has a specific goal and is united under the same idea: you are well-equipped with facts and data to make the best possible decision for yourself!

We understand that there are a lot of risks involved in online gambling, from improper spending to the danger of excessive gambling. We aim at cutting down these risks and allowing you to choose a safe and healthy way of gambling.