Best Casino Game Odds: What to Play Online

Best Casino Game Odds: What to Play Online

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Our team has gathered the following beatable casino games alongside the best casino game odds. Read further to discover what may affect your odds of winning.

Beatable Casino Games: How Do They Work?

In the quest to find out what casino game has the best odds, CasinoAlpha experts have shrunk the list to include only the games that can offer a noticeable advantage to the player.

We discovered certain bets, variants, and strategies that improve your odds of winning. However, please note that what makes those games truly beatable is the amount of knowledge you have on the subject.

Therefore, let’s learn some of the ways in which these games show their vulnerabilities.


Blackjack table with chips and playing cards

Also known as Twenty-One or Vingt-et-Un in French, Blackjack is a casino card game with resounding popularity on an international scale.

The objective of the game is easy to understand – the added sum of your cards must get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding it. Here’s how it’s played:

  • First of all, remember that you’re not playing against other players but against the house
  • Before the dealer deals the cards, initial bets must be made. Minimum and maximum bets are now established
  • The first card is dealt upward for everyone, including the dealer. The second card is dealt downward only to the dealer

From here on, the game begins, and you’re the master of your destiny. You decide whether to scrap a card and let the dealer give you another or keep both cards if you’re close or nailed 21 in total.

What makes Blackjack beatable?

The player’s skill is what categorizes Blackjack as one of the beatable casino games.

So, prepare yourself by learning how to play Blackjack effectively.


Craps table layout with red dices

Craps makes the dice go around. Or, at least, the player does! This game features an extensive list of bets that must be made before the “shooter” (aka the player throwing the dice) launches the dice on the Craps table.

Here’s what a regular Craps game timeline looks like:

  • Players place their bets on the numbers they predict as the outcome
  • The “shooter” launches the dice, which must hit the other side of the Craps table
  • Prizes are awarded to the players who guessed the outcome correctly

Craps is placed in the beatable casino games category due to increased odds of winning for certain types of bets.

For Example

The Any 7 bet gives you a greater chance of winning since it can result from more combinations. A player has a 22.22% chance of rolling a 7 or 11 on a basic throw.


Slot machine with 3 sevens symbols

As globally widespread casino games, slots are an imperative subject anywhere casino games are involved.

Unfortunately, this game is not as strategy-driven as Blackjack is. In the long run, the majority of slots are very much unbeatable.

However, this type of casino game becomes more beatable in short sessions with the help of free spin bonuses or other promotions that take some responsibility away from you.

Why is that? Because slots are famously made to be as random as possible. This is explained through the use of RNGs, or Random Number Generators.

They are processes in which numbers or symbols are randomly generated to end up with the result that is as close to chance as possible.

However, something you need to pay attention to are paylines. Since they are one of the reasons for getting the best odds in casino slot machines, you need to be on the lookout for a higher number of active paylines.

Keep in mind

Remember that more paylines do not 100% influence the outcome, but more of them make slots one of the beatable casino games.


Roulette with ball landing on 0

Roulette, simply put, is a game that evolves through the rotation of a ball on the revolving Roulette wheel, which then falls into a numbered pocket. This is what makes it almost all chance, with little skill involved.

Your skill as a player is measured by how well and quickly you’re able to switch between Roulette strategies.

Of course, you must always consider the type of Roulette game you’re playing. The difference between them is most obvious in comparisons like the American vs European Roulette games.

Even with all the strategies, you will only be able to win some of the times you play. Some strategies seem to offer advantages, but the best casino game odds are not at the Roulette wheel since you have a 1/38 chance of success by default.

Something important to take into account is the house advantage. Although this is different for each type, remember that it is never null, and it does affect your odds of winning at Roulette.

Therefore, you should go with the Roulette that has the best odds – French Roulette!


Baccarat table with chips

As a casino card game, Baccarat is played internationally with fervor. Due to its nature as a comparing card game with a specific hand given, you might think that it all depends on luck.

However, beating even the most beatable casino games is not that simple.

You must decide whether to ask for a third card or not. To do this in a way that optimizes your odds, adhere to the following:

  • If the sum of your cards is below or equal to four, accept a card
  • If the sum ends up as five, there is a 50-50 chance it could go either way
  • If the sum reaches six or goes above, keep your current cards

However, it would help if you were careful with the Baccarat game. The winning odds are on the side of the banker, so the house edge will always be greater than one. Read our guide on Baccarat rules for in-depth details on playing this game.

The chance for you to succeed at Baccarat is slightly lower than the dealer, who has a 45.8% probability of success. However, your chance is still 44.6%, which is one of the best casino game odds.

In this game, 9.6% of games end up in a tie, so make sure to take that into account.

What Are the Odds of Winning at a Casino Slot Machine?

Online slots on a laptop with increasing odds

The odds of winning at a casino slot machine have always been one of the biggest mysteries since the electronic casino game era began.

Although they started as gum vending machines with a twist, slots created a different path for themselves.

What makes slots unique?

This is due to their most attractive characteristics – giving visual aids to the abstract concept of chance.

Some of the most important aspects to pay attention to when choosing a slot machine for its odds are RTP (Return-To-Player) rates and volatility. Let’s see how each influences your odds of winning at a casino slot machine:

  • You will always find the RTP expressed as percentages, as this makes it easier for the players to grasp the advantages and disadvantages. An RTP of 96% simply means that when betting $10, you can expect to get $9.6 back if your round is successful
  • Volatility, on the other hand, refers to how often a slot machine pays back. For example, the frequency of winnings on a high-volatility machine is low, but the prizes are high

Simply put, a high volatility slot puts you in a “high risk, high reward” position. Low volatility slots are the opposite – “low risk, low reward.”

We conclude that you have better odds of winning at a casino slot machine with a higher RTP rate, preferably above 96%.

Regarding volatility, you get to decide. Do you like winning less frequently but with prizes fit for millionaires (high volatility), or do you prefer frequent winnings with less valuable winnings (low volatility)?

Even when you think you have the best odds in casino slot machines, please remember that gambling should not be engaged with as a source of income.

What Casino Game Has the Best Odds?

Blackjack table with dealer hand and chips

Right from the start, we can tell you that Blackjack has the best odds in casino table games. However, to be able to maximize them, you need to put in some work to first learn how to play Blackjack and then to understand the Blackjack odds for each variation.

Why Blackjack?

We chose Blackjack as the one having the best odds in casino table games due to its small casino house edge and the probability of your skill increasing over time.

To give you a clear picture, the house edge in Blackjack is usually around 0.05% when played with strategies in mind.

Best Casino Game Odds for the Martingale Strategy

If you’ve been around Blackjack tables, you know that more experienced players always try to perform a certain strategy when playing. Right now, you’re about to find out more about one of the most popular – the Martingale Blackjack Strategy.

In fact, this strategy consists of a progressive betting system that is supposed to give you the upper hand in beatable casino games like Blackjack.

To make it work, you have to double your bet each time you lose, allowing you to gather a greater sum whenever you succeed.

As an example, imagine you’re playing Blackjack and that you lose two hands but score the third one.

In this case, with an initial bet of 10$, your bet’s progression in order should be $10, then $20, after which you bet $40, succeed, and get one-and-a-half times your bet. This leaves you with roughly more than what you started with, which is the intent of the strategy.

Other types of Martingale Strategies

If you like this strategy, know that it can be adapted to other casino games. For example, the Martingale Roulette strategy exists, and it’s explained by expert gamblers.

Best Casino Game Odds for the Double-Deck Strategy

This strategy is sometimes hard to understand or makes you confused as to how it can help you gain better odds.

However, you first need to know that this strategy depends on a variant of Blackjack, which is played with only two decks, each with 52 cards.

The presence of only two decks already gives the player an increase in winning odds, as casinos usually use six decks or more for Blackjack games. This means that the start is good, but how to proceed next?

Since the Double-Deck strategy bases itself on specifically knowing what to do when you’ve been dealt a certain hand, there are tables involved. You won’t have to memorize them right away.

Instead, try to exercise the options given in the Double-Deck strategy tables to gain experience with them and understand them.

For in-depth and clear information on each hand, please refer to our Double-Deck Blackjack strategy article explained by gamblers with expertise. You will find all the tables and tips needed to make the strategy work.

Best Casino Game Odds for the d’Alembert Strategy

The d’Alembert strategy is a type of negative progressive strategy, much like the Martingale system. However, some specialists favor the d’Alembert system due to its more precise progression.

To start, you first need a specific amount of money to call a “unit.” Most players take the unit as the smallest bet possible at the Blackjack table.

You continue by increasing the bet with one unit per loss, decreasing the bet by one unit only when your hand succeeds.

This system was created to aid the player and help them recover from losses. Unlike Martingale (which proposes doubling your bet), d’Alembert has less risk involved.

In addition to the classic version, there are two more variants of the d’Alembert strategy you should know about:

  • The Multi D’Alembert Strategy, which proposes juggling with the positive and negative progressions. This is harder to implement as you need greater experience
  • The Reverse D’Alembert Strategy is the reverse, as its name suggests, of the classic d’Alembert strategy. Whenever you lose, you subtract one unit instead of adding it

Best Odds in Casino Table Games: Craps & Poker

Poker and Craps tables with chips and playing cards

Poker and Craps can be an ideal choice for players that want to wager on the best games in terms of earning odds.


Craps are one of the beatable casino games with the best odds for a reason – you can bring the house edge to minimal values if you know how to place your bets. The first step is to know which bets have the lowest house edge:

  • Pass Bet
  • Come Bet
  • Don’t Pass
  • Don’t Come

Out of these four, the smallest house edge is given with the “Don’t Come” bet – 1.36%.

One of the best pieces of advice any casino expert can give you is to stay away from single-roll bets when playing Craps. These types of bets can have a house edge above 10%, which doesn’t favor you, the player.

The Exception

As you can see in the above Craps section, we made an exception for the Any 7 bet because of its higher odds of success.

So, when playing for more than one roll, you will have to choose further bets. One of the most recommended strategies is to go for a “Free Odds bet.”

This is a bet you can add alongside one of the four “flat” bets: Pass Bet, Come Bet, Don’t Pass, and Don’t Come, and it can reduce the house edge to less than 1%.


Poker is a fan favorite anywhere you can think of, including Virtual Reality casinos.

Due to its international fame, it’s hard to get singled out as a master of Poker. However, let’s see what your odds are in different Poker situations:

  • Your chances of getting a Texas Hold ’em hand without pairs, three-, and four-of-a-kind is slightly more than 50-50 chance – 50.7%
  • The odds of you getting a suited Ace + King combination within a game of Texas Hold ’em are only 0.3%
  • In fact, getting any consecutive suited cards makes your odds stand at 3.9%
  • If you’ve been dealt a hand that doesn’t include a pair, there is a chance of 32% that you’ll pair with one of the shared cards

Regarding strategies and tips, there are a few that might improve your odds and the quality of your game if applied correctly:

  • Your odds are best whenever you don’t have a favorite hand. Having one usually clouds your judgment and distracts you from having real chances to win
  • Remember to always focus on the range of cards instead of “Poker hands.” The advantage of thinking in ranges is not unique to Poker, and it promotes “out-of-the-box” thinking that’s useful in advanced play
  • When the game lacks aggression, try to play aggressively yourself. Usually, players who don’t bring the assertiveness and decision-making skills to the Poker table are intimidated by more aggressive players

Choosing the Best Casino Game Odds Depending on Your Budget

.No matter what your budget is, there is an ideal casino games for each player.

Low budget

For those of you who want to experience the best casino game odds but the budget doesn’t help them, there are two games you should think of trying!

  • Craps is the game of the people – everyone gets to shoot, and everyone gets to bet. As we discussed above, Craps is one of the beatable casino games with odds that come in the player’s favor.

An ideal choice

Considering there are $5 Craps tables, this game works for low-budget betting as well.

  • Slots can also reach the low-budget category. Why? Because slot machines have an extensive array of the best casino bonuses like free spins, no wagering bonuses, or other advantages to the player

However, to maximize your experience and avoid taking unnecessary risks, please give some thought to the following advice:

  • Before engaging in gambling activities, set up a budget for spending, and don’t overstep the financial boundaries
  • When playing slots, it’s best to start with smaller bets than to go all in
  • When playing Craps, be very mindful of the single-roll bets. If you still want to play them, be restrictive with the sums you place on each bet
  • If there are bonuses or advantages that increase your odds, take your shot with them

Average budget

For gambling enthusiasts with average budgets, there is good news: more games are available to you!

You can still play Craps and slots with minimal bets, but now you should try more strategy combinations, as well as casino games.

  • The first game we want to recommend is Roulette. Although this is a high-risk game, it can become a high reward as well.

We advise you to be cautious if you don’t know the rules, and especially if you don’t know about the Roulette house edge.

  • Baccarat is one of the simplest card games around, so anyone can play it. When it comes to budgeting, this game’s minimum bet usually revolves around 100$, which can be too much for low budgets but still in range for average budgets

Maximizing your safety should be a top priority, especially when you’re in an environment where you’re free to exercise your right to spend your money.

  • A game like Roulette must be played after you’ve learned the steps and rules. Otherwise, its fast-paced rhythm may confuse you, and you could lose most of your budget
  • With Baccarat, you need to calculate your budget depending on the bet limit you’re comfortable with. Never bet more than you have in your pocket

High budget

For a high budget, there’s no guessing about what games we’re about to recommend. In fact, the following two games have been renowned internationally for being the aristocrat’s games.

  • Poker is the first game we recommend for high-budget players. However, Poker requires impeccable budget managing skills.

Aside from that, you must practice your skill considerably to increase your odds of winning if you want to take on the big-stack bullies of Poker.

  • Blackjack is our second choice for players with a high budget. Although the premise of the game is one of the simplest, this game fascinates the public due to being a skill-based casino game.

There’s only one piece of advice for players who want to become pros: learn to think from the opponent’s side of the table.

To understand the game better and not risk your entire bankroll, make sure to:

  • Always calculate your Poker Bankroll considering these three factors: the stakes you engage with, the varieties of games you play, and your level of skill
  • Never become overconfident when playing Poker or Blackjack. Often, that’s a sign for other players that you’re not concentrating on the actual game, and the tides may turn

Key ideas to remember

The best casino game odds are always in favor of a player who fulfills two important conditions:

  • Has a larger bankroll
  • Has accumulated the skill and learned the strategies, which they use to switch gameplay types and turn the tides of the game in their favor

If you feel unsure, count on CasinoAlpha.

If you have none of these things, don’t worry. Our Player Guides section is written by gambling specialists who want to share their knowledge further and help other players grow.

Another important aspect of gambling is knowing where your odds of winning stem from. As mentioned in the text, the odds depend on specific features or settings of the game but also on your qualifications.

The most important thing to remember after reading this article is that entering a casino with no plan is going to hurt both your chances and your wallet.

As every expert out there recommends, it’s better to be over-prepared than wing it and leave it up to chance.

Did you find our content to be useful?

Do you have any other additional questions? We would like to hear all your thoughts in the comment section below!

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