Casino Apps Vs In-Browser Casinos

56% of Gamblers Choose Casino Apps As Opposed to Browser Play

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What should you pick between online casino apps and in-browser online casinos? More than 55% of NZ players choose casino apps, while the rest, 44%, stick to browser play. Let’s explore the differences and each case’s pros and cons.

Why Choose a Mobile Casino App?


  • In-app notifications are more effective at communicating important messages than emails.
  • Playing on a mobile device allows you to sit comfortably.
  • You don’t always need an internet connection to play on an app.
  • Graphics and user experience are optimized for specific devices.


  • Not all casinos have a mobile app.
  • Sometimes casinos are not available on both iOS and Android.
  • You have to update apps regularly.
  • A small screen may be difficult to read for some people.
  • Mobile gaming can drain your battery.

Downloading a casino app might be the best choice for you in case you are looking for a better mobile optimization than you see on the in browser mobile website.

Also, in case you decide to download a casino app, don’t forget to check out the bonus section as many online casinos offer certain bonuses for downloading their app, such as bonus funds, free spins or both.

The best NZ casino apps: The best-rated apps this year

  1. Casumo: 9.7/10, iOS and Android compatibility, available in the App Store and Google Play
  2. JackpotCity: 9.6/10, iOS compatibility, available in the App Store
  3. Spin Casino: 9.5/10, iOS compatibility, available in the App Store

For this top, we selected data from our casino analyst, Adela Mariuta, who spent approximately 21 hours testing each app. She signed up, made a deposit, played the games, made the necessary wagering, and cashed out in 2 out of 3 cases. 

These apps were tested on the latest iPhone generations and Samsung Galaxy S21 for the Google Play-available casino apps. 

We also checked security measures, user reviews, and how well the casino theme adapts to smaller screens.

Which Players Are App Casinos Best For?

Who is suited to a mobile gaming application? Why?
Players that travel. Anyone travelling to work or going on holiday can take their gameplay with them.
People without a computer. If you don’t have a desktop or a laptop, a mobile gaming app is the best alternative.
Anyone on the move. A desktop computer is stationary, but a mobile app lets you move around as you play.

Why Play on an In-Browser Website?

Why Play on an In-Browser Website


  • You don’t need to download an app.
  • In-browser apps are widely supported.
  • The screen is easier to read and navigate.
  • In-browser websites work on any device.


  • You can’t move around when you play if you’re on a desktop.
  • A developer cannot optimize the graphic development on specific devices for in-browser websites.
  • Browsers sometimes don’t load as quickly as apps.

Typically, a casino’s in-browser website offers more flexibility than playing on mobile, but this depends on your preferences. Usually, most of the websites are available on mobile as well, and most of them offer the same features, whether you are on mobile or desktop. In case you are looking for a special platform to join, you can find the best option for you on our best online casinos selection.

The best in-browser mobile casinos for New Zealand

  1. Conquestador: 9.6/10, 2000 casino games & 1 day payout frame
  2. FreeSpino: 9.4/10, 6500 casino games & 1 day payout frame 
  3. Playdingo: 9.3/10, 1000 casino games, 3 day payout frame

These top 3 casinos have been tested by our CasinoAlpha reviewers on phones and tablets, using both Google Chrome and Safari as default browsers. Each review and testing process takes about 25 hours and is segmented into three parts: user experiences and hunting for possible glitches, testing the games, and making the payments, particularly concentrated on the cashout process.

Which Players Are Best-Suited to In-Browser Gambling?

Who is in-browser gaming suitable for? Why?
People without a mobile or tablet. You don’t need a mobile device or app to operate an online casino account if you have a desktop or laptop computer at home or in your bag.
Those with impaired vision. Many of us find it easier to read from a computer monitor than a mobile device because they’re bigger.
Anyone who plays on multiple devices. In-browser casinos are widely compatible on various devices.
Players who want to play lots of different games We find that browser-based sites tend to offer a broader selection of casino games and are more widely supported.

Get the Best User Experience From Your Favorite Casino Game

Get the Best User Experience From Your Favorite Casino Game

  • Whether you’re playing a live casino game like poker or roulette, playing slots or sports betting, you can optimize your online gambling experience by opting for a casino that’s tailored to your needs.
  • If you’ve grown fond of playing on the go or you aren’t always at home, you won’t necessarily get the most out of your gaming experience using an in-browser website system.
  • On the other hand, if you find mobile phone screens difficult to read due to their size, or you don’t like the limitation on the number of mobile apps supported by your favorite online casinos, sticking with an in-browser option is likely a better consideration for getting the best possible user experience.

What About Mobile Browsers?

Mobile browser-based casinos give you access to all the online platforms without a dedicated application. Some mobile browser casinos adapt perfectly to smartphones and tablets. However, some browser-based casinos are not optimized for mobile browsers, so the trade-off is that the user interface may not be as sleek as what you’re used to.

If your favorite gambling platforms don’t offer a mobile gambling app and you don’t have a computer or laptop, there’s a good chance you can bet using a mobile browser on Android and iOS using a portable device. Most top casinos have mobile browser compatibility, so you can still play whenever you’re on the go.

App Casinos vs in-Browser Gambling

Our experts carefully chose from hundreds of our casino reviews to come up with the best list of mobile casinos, where NZ players will find the best optimized websites for mobile.

Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to stay in one place to continue a winning streak. If you don’t want to stay at home when you play, it’s easy to find a casino game provider through an application or log in to your preferred site through your mobile browser. Mobile apps can be faster than in-browser games, as they rely on internal components to render an interface instead of a web browser. However, if you have a bad internet connection, you’ll likely find a browser option that gives you better loading times.

In most cases, the design of browser-based casinos makes it easier to navigate, as they don’t limit the amount of space you have to click around the menus. Nonetheless, mobile gamblers let you bet wherever you choose and offer unrivalled convenience when you compare them to in-browser options.

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