Pros and Cons of The Autoplay Button

Pros and Cons of The Autoplay Function in Online Slots

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The Autoplay feature has become a staple among thousands of online slot games from various providers over the past years. It comes as no surprise that more slot developers are coming on board with the feature, as it appears to be well-received by slots lovers. But like everything, this article has pros and cons, and we are covering them to help you decide whether it is worth it to use Autoplay when you gamble on online slots.

What is & How Does Autoplay Work?

If you are a newbie in the online slot gaming world, it is understandable to be confused about what the Autoplay function represents. 

The Autoplay button is simply a function made available when playing online slots. It allows users to play multiple rounds automatically without necessarily having to move a finger at every game. All you have to do is set the number of spins and the stake for each rotation and press the button. All without having to click the spin button at every round if you were to be playing the games as per usual. 

Advantages of Playing Slots Using the Autoplay Function

Our specialist, Adela Mariuta, selected the following advantages of the Autoplay button after carefully researching the topic and testing over 40 slots from top casinos in NZ. These will help you better understand the usability and utility of it. 

Advantages of Playing Slots Using the Autoplay Function

Saves Time To Use Autoplay

Manually hitting that spin button repeatedly while you play slots can be tedious.

Autoplay allows the game to essentially run on its own while you focus on other things. This allows the game to run seamlessly in the background while the player attends to other tasks. The random outcome of each spin remains unchanged whether played manually or using Autoplay.

More Convenient Gameplay

Autoplay stops automatically once you hit your preset limit or run out of funds. This way, you can give your slots action the attention it deserves while still tending to everyday tasks. It truly offers the best of both worlds – all the thrilling suspense of pokies with incredible convenience.

Even on the go, Autoplay maximises your mobile experience. Running errands or commuting is no longer downtime. You can load up your favourite slots, switch on Autoplay and keep playing while tackling your day. 

Bankroll Management on Online Slot Machines

One pro tip constantly peddled about being successful when playing slots is knowing how to manage your bankroll. Your understanding of bankroll management will go a long way in determining how much losses you accrue while playing slots and determining your profits.

For many slots, the Autoplay function allows players to set not only their bet size and spin amount but also their win and loss limits. This way, players get a hold of how much they win or lose from slots as the reels spin. This bonus feature added to the Autoplay makes it even more rounded, allowing you to enjoy convenience while wagering responsibly.

Disadvantages of the Autoplay Function in Online Casinos

Even if you want to sit back and watch the reels spin or want to play actively, the Autoplay button also has some downsides. Let’s look at some of the cons of the Autoplay function based on our findings using the feature across many online slot sites

Disadvantages of the Autoplay Function in Online Casinos

Less Control in Bet Sizes 

A good strategy some pro gamblers use is to alternate the bet sizes on every round. This is often done as a function related to when they perceive they are most likely to hit a big win, and as such, they want to put their best foot forward in those moments to get the best returns. Using the Autoplay function deprives the players of the ability to be creative with the bet sizes and use top casino strategies.

Takes Out the Spontaneity

For most players, it is argued that the Autoplay feature ends up making slots play mechanical, thus taking out the fun that lies in the spontaneity of the experience. As a player, you would rather want to live in the moment and savour every ounce of fun you can get from not just planning ahead or knowing what to expect. The idea of Autoplay, where you have to take maximum control, somewhat takes out the fun.

A Function of the Type of Experience You Are Looking to Have

We can’t necessarily tell you whether to use the Autoplay feature, but based on what we’ve presented, you can pick the right time to use it and ignore it.  

If you enjoy playing slots in a controlled environment with a preference for convenience, then manual playing would suit you better. However, if you prioritize the spontaneity of playing slots over the inconvenience from spinning at every round, then you might want to avoid using the feature. 

You also alternate and explore free spins bonuses where you can try this feature and see its potential. The point is that you can win the jackpot with or without the Autoplay function because the Random Number Generator systems can’t be predicted. 

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