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Roulette wheel numbers are not random. Join us if you want to discover the secret logic behind it and boost your gameplay with our insights.

Are roulette wheel numbers random?

Roulette wheel numbers are not random, although they indeed appear this way to the uninitiated. Each version of the game, European, American, or French, has its ordering, although they share a few similarities.

Moreover, the order of the numbers is kept if you choose to play the Roulette wheel online. Casinos often provide NZ players with these three standard layouts.

An in-depth look at the Roulette wheels

The Roulette wheel numbers are arranged in a complex manner, although they seem scattered around randomly. Three primary Roulette rules govern the arrangement of any wheel game, online or otherwise:

  • Red and Black numbers alternate constantly
  • Red/Black alternation
  • High/Low numbers alternate but not perfectly – best achieved by European wheels
  • More than two even or odd numbers will never stand next to each other
  • In ranges 1-10 and 19-28, odd numbers are red, and even numbers are black
  • In ranges 11-18 and 29-36, it’s the other way around: odd numbers are black and even are red.

If you’ve ever wondered how many numbers in Roulette are there, the answer is: it depends on the type of wheel you’re playing at. Let’s unpack each of them.

Types of the Roulette wheel

Types of the Roulette wheel - American, French, European, Mini-Roulette, Triple-zero Roulette

  • Mini-Roulette

Mini-Roulette is a recent concept. The wheel features 13 numbers, from 1-12 and 0. At first glance, it may seem like fewer numbers increase a player’s chances. However, it’s the other way around. Mini-Roulette comes with a house edge of 7.89%

The ordering of the 13 numbers looks like this:

0, 5, 12, 3, 10, 1, 8, 9, 2, 7, 6, 11, 4

  • European and French Roulette

In terms of numbers, the European Roulette the French variant are the same. Both layouts feature 37 Roulette wheel numbers in total, including the green-pocketed 0.

The main difference between the two is the betting rules and options. Another difference is that the text on the French Roulette board might be in French.

The sequence is common to both


An additional part of the Roulette table called the ‘racetrack’ is peculiar to French variants only. It is a two-dimensional representation of the wheel that looks very similar to a racing circuit. The racetrack makes announce bets easier, as it displays them clearly on the board.

  • American Roulette

The American Roulette wheel layout comes with an additional ‘00’, making it 38 numbers in total. Outside bets are positioned differently, but the Red/Black, Odd/Even, and High/Low alternation rules persist.

These are the American Roulette wheel numbers in order:


  • Triple-zero Roulette

A very seldom seen type of wheel with 39 numbers, triple-zero Roulette is the next level of American Roulette. The triple 0 figure raises the house edge to 7.69% on single bets, making it the least profitable.

Although the odds are sensibly worse for the player, an Atlantic City variation accommodates the La Partage rule, making it a bit more tolerable.

Now, let’s take a look at the wheel’s numbers:


Should you learn all the numbers?

There’s a debate whether NZ players should learn all the numbers on the Roulette wheel. In our experience, it may grant a valuable edge.

Read on and discover our mini-guide on why Roulette pro players apply this insight.

Mini-guide on why Roulette pro players apply

A better grasp on the sequence beats confusion

The apparent random numbers on a Roulette wheel may confuse beginners. It’s difficult for a newcomer to notice the relations between various sectors of the wheel.

Pros pay special attention to the sequence of numbers and know it by heart because it may open potentially lucrative opportunities. Moreover, knowing the number’s positioning will help you better understand the odds in Roulette and ultimately get better at the game.

This knowledge is useful both for players of Roulette wheel online and for land-casino goers.

Notice wheel bias

One such lucrative opportunity has to do with wheel bias. Advantage players are always on the lookout for faltering wheels. Wear and tear determine the wheel to favour specific sectors. NZ players aware of the numbers sequence may notice wheel bias more easily and place corresponding wagers.

This Roulette strategy works best in land-based casinos. Still, they have a habit of moving the wheels around to prevent players from applying it. However, you probably won’t notice any biased wheels in live dealer Roulette.

Place announce wagers in French Roulette

Announce wagers allow you to bet on the numbers as they appear on the wheel layout. Another way the sequence of Roulette numbers can be helpful to NZ players is in French Roulette. Comparatively, classic bets require you to place your stake on the Roulette table.

Moreover, these particular wagers are available at any French Roulette wheel online. Still, you should ensure that you only play at licensed NZ gambling sites. Thus, you’ll have a guarantee that your bets will be paid out in full, and the rules of Roulette are followed.

There are certain types of such bets, and we shall explain them all.

  • Voisins du Zero

The ‘Neighbours of Zero’ refers to a large section of the wheel covering numbers 22 to 25.

You are already a bit familiar with the wheel, so you know we’re talking about a whole group of numbers. These are 22,18,29,7,28,12,35,3,26,0,32,15,19,4,21,2,25.

  • Jeu Zero

‘Zero Game’ is the part of the wheel which covers the actual neighbours of 0. We’re talking about the 7 numbers closest to the green pocket: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15.

  • Le tiers du cylinder

Literally, ‘thirds of the wheel’. When you make this bet, you cover 6 pairs of numbers: 5/8, 10/11, 13/16, 23/24, 27/30, 33/36.

  • Orphelis

These are two series of numbers outside the previously mentioned: 1, 20, 14, 31, 9 and 17, 34, 6.

Depending on the table you’re playing at, you may customize this bet and add other nearby numbers to increase your odds.

  • Voisins

The final French-specific wager involves the neighbours of any number on the wheel, two from the left and two from the right.

For example, suppose you bet on the neighbours of 5. In that case, you place your stake on 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, as represented on the standard Roulette wheel.

Are some numbers better than others?

The ball has an equal chance of landing in any pocket, at any time. So, the short answer is no. There are no best Roulette numbers. However, superstitions are not uncommon in the gambling realm. Often Roulette players place a stake on what they believe is their lucky number:

  1. A loved one’s date of birth
  2. A number associated with pleasant experiences
  3. The ‘magic’ numbers of their culture

The gambler’s fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is the belief that a streak of a particular outcome lowers the chances for the same outcome to come up the next turn. This type of superstition governs many players choices.

It is evident in Roulette play.


Some players believe that after 10 red numbers in a row, a black one must come up for sure. That’s not the case at all, as the odds remain the same.

Be aware

Combining the Martingale Roulette strategy with the gambler’s fallacy may lead to the burnout of your bankroll if you’re not careful.

Most profitable Roulette wheels

What Roulette table would you play at: European, French, or American? Each Roulette game comes with its perks and challenges, but if you’re aiming at increasing your chances of profit, one of them stands out. NZ players may have their reasons to opt for one or the other, so the decision is yours.

However, allow us to provide our expert perspective on the matter.

Even-money bets definition

Also known as outside bets, even money bets are wagers placed on Red/Black or Odd/Even. They are common to any Roulette wheel, online included.

French Roulette is your best option

Most profitable Roulette wheels - French Roulette is your best option

  • It is a single-zero variant which means the house edge is generally smaller, at 2.7%
  • With its house edge, the French variant provides NZ players with the best odds
  • Announce bets are allowed, so you get more betting opportunities
  • With even-money bets at the French Roulette table, you get the lowest house edge: 1.35%
  • En Prison rule allows you to get your stake back if the ball lands on 0
  • With the La Partage rule, a losing even-money bet is half returned to you if the ball lands on 0


NZ players benefit from the advantages of La Partage and En Prison rules in live online casinos as well.

The origin of the Roulette wheel numbers

Roulette was invented by Blaise Pascal in his searches for the perpetual motion machine, as the pop story goes. However, a darker legend of the game’s origin has been circulating. And it’s bound to raise the hair on the back of your neck as it involves a deal with the Devil.

Historians agree that it’s highly likely Roulette was developed a few hundred years before. It’s possible that it appeared as a Chinese spinning wheel game or as an ancient game played by Roman soldiers.

The spookier version speaks of a Medieval monk who went mad trying to beat the game developed by none other than himself. In his darkest hour, he inscribed the centre of the wheel with the infamous number.

What’s the Devil got to do with it?

In later years, Francois the ‘Magician of Homburg’ brought the game into Homburg and Monte Carlo casinos. It was to the delight of the local gamblers, who are said to have played at double-zero wheels before his arrival.

Soon, he was rumoured to have made a pact with the Devil to learn the game’s hidden secrets. Folks believed that it was the best explanation for why the Roulette wheel numbers add up to 666.


Add up the numbers that appear horizontally on the Roulette board, and the result is always 6. For example, if we take the first three: 1+2+3=6. The same applies to the last three and any other pair of three numbers: 34+35+36=105. Do the operation once more and what you get is 1+0+5=6.

Why play Roulette online?

Why play Roulette online - 4 reasons

Roulette is available in multiple formats:

  • Physical wheel in land-based casinos
  • Live Roulette wheel online
  • Number generator wheel or virtual Roulette wheel

Land-based casinos are preferred by advantage players, who travel across the land to find vulnerable Roulette wheels. However, most of us don’t have a tremendous land-based casino nearby.


Top online casinos in New Zealand are more abundant and have numerous benefits compared to brick-and-mortar ones. They are secure, and it’s a lot more convenient to play online.

Can online Roulette be rigged?

A Roulette wheel online cannot be rigged under any circumstances if you’re playing at licensed casinos. Gamblers sometimes believe online Roulette is rigged when they lose, but that’s not the case. For example, one is betting on Red, but the ball lands on Black numbers 15 times in a row.

They would be inclined to think the game is rigged – how on Earth would Black come up 15 times in a row? However, that’s a perfect example of a gambler’s fallacy. It’s not as if someone controls the Roulette ball, driving it to land in certain pockets.

Licensed casinos are safe

Most online casinos in NZ are not scams. Top online Roulette casinos abide by the rules of the UKGC and MGA, which enforces:

  • Periodic verifications of the authenticity of the number generator wheel
  • Similar checks on the providers of live Roulette

More importantly, a live Roulette wheel is watched by dozens of people at the same time. It would be impractical even to try to rig the game. Players would notice it eventually, and it would be the beginning of a downfall for that casino.

The advantages of Roulette wheel online:

  • It’s easier to access and more convenient to play
  • Your security is always guaranteed if you play at licensed casinos
  • Live dealer and high-RTP virtual Roulette are both available
  • NZ players may practice with a welcome bonus
  • All Roulette wheels are available: French, American, European
  • You get more flexible betting limits and lower minimum wagers

Tell us what you think about the Roulette wheel

Follow our expert’s advice and tell us if you saw improvements in your gameplay!

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