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Our New Zealand readers will receive expert, fact-based resources for understanding how the odds of Roulette games work.

You will find one Roulette table odds chart for each game version, plus a guide to working out the chances for yourself with explanations about what they mean for your gameplay on online casinos NZ.

Roulette Odds

  • European Roulette Odds Chart

Bet Name Odds Payout
Red & Black 48.64% 1 to 1
Even & Odd 48.64% 1 to 1
Low 48.64% 1 to 1
High 48.64% 1 to 1
First Dozen 32.43% 2 to 1
Middle Dozen 32.43% 2 to 1
Last Dozen 32.43% 2 to 1
Column 32.43% 2 to 1
Snake Bet 32.43% 2 to 1
Line 16.21% 5 to 1
Corner 10.81% 8 to 1
Street 8.10% 11 to 1
Split 5.40% 17 to 1
Straight Up 2.70% 35 to 1

Odds on French Roulette are the same as the European version. The four and three-bets can also include 0 if you then choose 1,2, and 3 or 1 and 2, respectively. These have specific names:

  • The Four Bet for 0, 1, 2, and 3.
  • The Trio or Three bet for 0, 1, and 2.

Fun fact

The snake bet is another wager whose odds on Roulette are the same as the column stakes. It includes 1, 5, 6, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32, and 34.

  • American Roulette Odds New Zealand Chart

Bet Name Odds Payout
Red & Black 47.36% 1 to 1
Even & Odd 47.36% 1 to 1
Low 47.36% 1 to 1
High 47.36% 1 to 1
First Dozen 31.57% 2 to 1
Middle Dozen 31.57% 2 to 1
Last Dozen 31.57% 2 to 1
Column 31.57% 2 to 1
Line 15.78% 5 to 1
Corner 10.52% 8 to 1
Street 7.89% 11 to 1
Split 5.26% 11 to 1
Straight Up 2.63% 35 to 1

The split bet can also include the two zero spots. The other bet structures are essentially the same as for the European and French versions.

  • Triple Zero Roulette Odds New Zealand Chart

Bet Name Odds Payout
Red & Black 46.15% 1 to 1
Even & Odd 46.15% 1 to 1
Low 46.15% 1 to 1
High 46.15% 1 to 1
First Dozen 30.76% 2 to 1
Middle Dozen 30.76% 2 to 1
Last Dozen 30.76% 2 to 1
Column 30.76% 2 to 1
Line 15.38% 5 to 1
Corner 10.25% 8 to 1
Street 7.69% 17 to 1
Split 5.12% 17 to 1
Straight Up 2.56% 35 to 1
  • No Zero Roulette Odds New Zealand Chart

Bet Name Odds Payout
Red & Black 50% 1 to 1
Even & Odd 50% 1 to 1
Low 50% 1 to 1
High 50% 1 to 1
First Dozen 33.33% 2 to 1
Middle Dozen 33.33% 2 to 1
Last Dozen 33.33% 2 to 1
Column* 33.33% 2 to 1
Line 16.67% 5 to 1
Corner 11.11% 8 to 1
Street 8.33% 17 to 1
Split 5.55% 17 to 1
Straight Up 2.77% 35 to 1
  • Mini Roulette Odds New Zealand Chart

Bet Name Odds Payout
Red & Black 46.15% 1 to 1
Even & Odd 46.15% 1 to 1
Low / First 46.15% 1 to 1
High / Last 46.15% 1 to 1
Middle 46.15% 1 to 1
Column 30.76% 2 to 1
Corner 30.76% 2 to 1
Street 23.07% 3 to 1
Split 15.38% 5 to 1
Straight Up 7.69% 11 to 1

The Bets & Best Odds of Roulette

Now our readers in New Zealand can now quickly figure out the odds of Roulette bets.

The Bets & Best Odds of Roulette - Roulette House Edge

However, you should also understand what these numbers mean for your gameplay and how you can best use them to your advantage.

What are Roulette Odds?

These sets of data are the mathematically calculated probabilities that a specific bet will be successful in any round.

While no one can foresee the outcome of any one game, we can reasonably tell you what chances there are that you have placed your stake on the winning spot.

How can you predict the general probability for successful bets?

This is the basis of probability theory. We know all the possible outcomes, as the ball will fall on one of the 37 or 38 available spots.

More so, despite popular belief, as long as the table you are playing at is not rigged, the Roulette wheel odds are equal for all spots.

The technical way of putting it is that the outcome probabilities are uniformly distributed.

Another fact is that all the NZ top online casinos we cover and present on our sites hold accreditation for game fairness. This is just one aspect we cover in our analyses, and we recommend that you read them before you consider joining a platform.

But won’t the rounds influence one another?

No. Although you may get the impression that there is an emerging pattern in the results, when playing multiple rounds, you must remember that each round’s final state is fully independent of any other.


Thinking that Roulette rounds are somehow causally tied is a classic example of the gambler’s fallacy. This is also part of a wider phenomenon called apophenia, which is a fancy word for the tendency of seeing meaning and patterns in random information.

Are Roulette Odds Good in New Zealand?

Roulette odds are really good for the New Zealand gambler when taking into account the wide array of gambling activities. Of course, you shouldn’t take our word for it. There is an objective way of establishing how advantageous are.

Roulette House Edge
  • European: 2. 60%
  • American: 5. 25%
  • Triple-Zero: 7. 69%
  • No-Zero: 0%
  • Mini: 7. 89%

The house edge tells you the amount of money the casino will accrue from your stakes across time. The lower it is, the better a game’s odds are for you.

What are the best odds of Roulette?

The 0% house edge for No Zero Roulette should give you an idea regarding which versions will have the best odds in Roulette.


The zero or green spots directly affect the odds of Roulette tables.

For this reason, the poorest odds are met in Triple-Zero games when excluding Mini versions. This is explained by the fact that the spots “divide” the probabilities equally. Meaning that if you have fewer spots, the “weight” by which the green spot affects the odds at Roulette tables increases.

Odds of Roulette Versions Ranked

American versions fall in the middle, as they have two green spots, while the European options are the better choice among popular entries.

Naturally, No Zero options are the undisputed winners. The zero percent house edge makes them the fairest game around. But you will have a hard time finding such entries. One approach you could take is to read the casino reviews we provide for New Zealand customers. These will also contain relevant game data, including the Roulette types you can find on each website.

Why go for French instead of European options:

Their table layouts are the same, which translates into identical odds in Roulette. The difference is in the game terms. French Roulette has two more rules that will give you an edge:

  • La Partage – if the ball lands on zero, you recuperate half of an even money bet.
  • En Prison – if the ball lands on zero, your even-money bet is locked. You receive it back entirely if the next ball lands on your wager.

Be aware

  1. La Partage lowers the house edge from 2.6% to 1.35%.
  2. If the zero comes up a second time, it can be treated as a win, loss, La Partage, or En Prison, depending on the casino. However, the odds of this occurring are relatively low, as we will show.

What is the best number to bet on Roulette?

Some readers in New Zealand may be surprised to find out that there is no privileged spot as far as Roulette odds go, not even the green one.

This is due to the uniform distribution of outcome probabilities. In other words, all the Roulette numbers have the same probability of coming up in a round.

How Roulette Odds Work

Odds of Roulette are descriptive data that give you a formal outline for the possible outcome of a round. These cannot guarantee you a successful round but knowing them allows you to get as close as mathematically possible to just that.

More than anything, knowing why odds in Roulette are as presented and what they mean for the game you are playing are key for you to become a savvier Roulette player.

You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself, however. The first step in your endeavours should be picking one option from the live Roulette casinos NZ we offer. Luckily, we can lend a helping hand both with great live Roulette bonuses and platforms.

How to Calculate Roulette Odds

While we could give you an abstract and arid explanation and let you connect the rest, we will do something better. The following examples will explain how to calculate odds on the go.

Roulette odds for Green Spots

We remind you that, in the space of odds, green spots are not special when single bets are concerned.

Roulette odds for Green Spots


The odds in Roulette that the green spots come up are the same as for any other number.

Nonetheless, the probabilities will depend on the version you are playing:

Roulette odds for 0 hitting in European Versions

French and European tables have 37 spots in total. For the sake of the example, we shall take into consideration the probability that zero comes up. However, as it goes for any other spot, we calculate the odds in Roulette that one specific comes up with a total of 37 possible outcomes.

So, the odds in Roulette that zero comes up are 1 in 37.


You can arrive at the percentage value by multiplying the result by 100. Thus, the European and French for a zero hit are ~2.703%.

  • Odds on 0 Roulette Bets in American Roulette

We will consider a two-zero spot table. This should not worry you greatly, as the principle behind the bet is essentially the same. The only aspect that changes is the number of possible outcomes.

The American Roulette wheel has 38 spots. We are calculating the Roulette table odds for the ball hitting zero.


As you may see, our approach to calculating the odds in Roulette do not change. This is because adding another green spot is not radically different when considering straight-up bets.

  • The Roulette Odds 00 Bets Have

Take this as a self-assessment for working out odds in Roulette games. You’ll be able to come up with the quiz result quickly.

Given that the 00 is just another spot on an evenly distributed wheel, the odds 00 will hit are 1 in 38. From the previous example, you know that to approximately be 2.63%.

  • Are Straight Up Triple-Zero Bets Worth It?

You may already intuit the answer from our discussions or by comparing the Roulette green odds for European and American versions.

However, let us work through the straight-up success odds of Roulette games with three zeros. There are 39 spots in total this time, and you are betting on only one of them.


  • You have the Best Straight Up Odds at Roulette Mini

The reasoning behind it should be simple. From outcome perspectives, strictly, the chances that you guess the correct spot is in mini options. This is because these entries only have 13 numbers in total.


For this reason, such bets have an adjusted 1 to 11 payout amount.

Roulette Odds on Single Number Bets

Roulette Odds on Single Number Bets

Consider this part to be a recap and an expansion on what you already know. Single number bet odds in Roulette do not take into account the spot chosen.

The Odds of Roulette Straight Up Bets

  • 2. 70% – French & European
  • 2. 63% – American
  • 2. 78% – No Zero
  • 2. 56% – Triple Zero
  • 7. 69% – Mini Roulette

Roulette odds of hitting the same number twice

This calculation is relevant for New Zealand players opting to play La Partage and En Prison rule games. You will find out what the odds are that a zero will come up after a previous zero.

In other words, by asking what the odds are for hitting the same spot twice, we should think about the probability that zero comes up in the first round and in the second. The ‘and’ part will become important.

Exemplifying with the French Version

The first-round probability is 1/37, the same as the second-round one. But we are considering the two events occurring together.

1/37 (1st round)∙1/37 (2nd round)=1/1369≈0.0007 or 0.07%

We can translate the ‘and’ in our statement to multiplication, thus arriving at the (small) probability. This is also the odds in Roulette En Prison that you get two consecutive zero spots.

Multiple Zero Options Are More Complex

This only is the case when we consider two consecutive hits on green spots. If we choose 0 or 00 (or 000 for Triple Zero), the algorithm is the same.

But for greens in general, the statement is that we are working out the odds of Roulette rounds that have:

  • 0 or 00 in the first round.
  • And 0 or 00 in the second.

Remember that ‘and’ means multiplication, but also consider that ‘or’ translates to addition.

(1/38+1/38)∙(1/38+1/38)=1/19^2 ≈0.00277 or 0.277%

Odds in Roulette for hitting a single number bet 5 times

Let’s say that you, like many gamblers in New Zealand, have a lucky number that you will constantly bet on. We saw the odds of Roulette bets of this kind for one round, but what are the chances that you guess the correct spot five consecutive times.


Note that you could even change the number from one round to another since they are independent in their outcomes. More simply put, we are working out your odds of having five successful rounds consecutively.

In fact, instead of the odds in Roulette for hitting a single number 5 times, we are asking about hitting a spot in one round and in the second and in the third, and so on.

1/37∙1/37∙1/37∙1/37∙1/37=1/37^5 =1/69343957≈0.00000001 or 0.000001%

Yes, you read it right. It is that small, no matter the choice of your lucky number.

Odds for Roulette bets on Single Numbers Placed 10 times

You can only imagine that the odds of Roulette consecutive single wins will only decrease, but it will also do so really quickly. For ten consecutive successful rounds, we simply have:

1/37^10 =1/4808584372417849

You can imagine how little the chances are for a 10-single-bet-win streak. In fact, you would have better chances in picking out the correct one from all the galaxies in the observable universe.

Odds of Row Bets in Roulette

Let’s take a simpler and more likely betting strategy: placing a stake on a group of numbers. Row bets, for example, include three numbers. We will give you the approach that applies for calculating all odds of Roulette bets that include several spots.

Multiple Number Bet Odds in Roulette (European)

Betting on three numbers in one round means that you’re betting that number 1 or number 2 or number 3 will come up.

1/37 (1st number)+(or) 1/37 (2nd number)+(or) 1/37 (3rd number)=3/37≈0.0811 or 8.11%

So, the calculation for the odds of Roulette bets that have several spots included is equivalent to:

Odds per one spot hit∙The number of spots included=(Spots Included in Bet)/(Total No.of Spots )

It is that simple to work out the odds in Roulette games.

Odds for Red and Black Number Bets

Building on what we established, we can say that red or black stakes, similar to all outside bets, include 18 spots. By our established rule, we can incur that the red or black bets are: .

However, for such bets, there is an easier approach to remember the approximate probability of outside bets.

The Even Money Bet Roulette Odds Cheat Sheet

The names say it all. You are choosing between red or black, even or odd, and the first half and bottom half. Each stake divides the table in two halves. Thus, a good first guess would thus be that you have 50-50 chances.

Then, your account for the green spot is not included in any of the wagers. This extra possibility slightly tips the balance against you. Therefore, the best guess you could have is that even bets are a bit under 50%.

Roulette odds of Consecutive Red Hits

What are then the Roulette odds of lucky (or unlucky) streaks when using even money bets? The approach is the same, given that you know the basic probability per round. So for a two-round streak when betting on red, you are asking what the probability is that the ball falls on red in the first round and in the second round too:

18/37 (red on 1st round)∙(and) 18/37 (red on 2nd round)=324/1406≈23.04%

Will the chances change if you are switching from betting on red to betting on black for the second round?

Your answer should be no. The two rounds are independent, and the reds have the same odds of hitting as the black spots. Thus, you can switch from one to the other, or even switch to another even money bet type.

Roulette odds of 5 Reds in a Row

The calculation process you have seen for a single-spot bet. So, we want to know the odds for a 1st round win and a 2nd round win and so on up to the 5th, all using an even money bet, like one placed on reds.


It may come as a surprise but having five successive successful rounds with an even money bet is more likely than having a successful single-spot bet. However, the payout makes all the difference.

Payout Differences

Even money bets pay 1 to 1, while a single-spot wager pays out 35 to 1. Thus, for similar odds, you can either accrue 5 times your initial wager and your money or 35 times your initial stake plus your funds.

However, losing once in that five-game streak will not be as taxing as the very likely event of losing your straight-up stake.

Roulette odds of 10 Reds in a Row

We will end the series of examples by calculating hitting red 10 times in a row. We already know the rules and have all the tools to figure it out fast:


You may find the similar, and you should, given the relation between the five-streak of even bet and the Roulette green odds for a successful round.


The even-bet ten-streak, which you can see as the probability that you have a five-round streak and another five-round streak, approximately corresponds to the Roulette green odds for two consecutive hits.

How to Maximize Odds in Roulette

You now understand how to calculate them in various scenarios. Whenever you require a helping hand, you can return to the relevant Roulette table odds chart.

But you, like many other gamblers from New Zealand, are interested in maximizing your odds of Roulette games.

Consider the House Edge Odds in Roulette

We have shown you that the house edge plays a key role when wondering how to work out Roulette odds. You should understand that you must put some consideration into which game version you pick.

You have seen how the green Roulette odds and single-spot odds are considerably better in mini options. However, one takeaway is that the casino will counter-balance any outstanding probabilities with a corresponding payout.

The Relation Between Roulette Odds and Payouts

Roulette Odds Frames Corresponding Payouts
46.15% – 50.00% 1 to 1
30.76% – 33.34% 2 to 1
23.07% in Mini Roulette 3 to 1
15.38% – 16.67% 5 to 1
10.25% – 11.12% 8 to 1
7.69% in Mini Roulette 11 to 1
5.12% – 8.34% 17 to 1
2.56% – 2.78% 35 to 1

You can consider the table to be a Roulette best odds scale. These probability frames account for all game versions. You may observe that the differences between the minimum and maximum bounds get smaller and smaller.

Street, Not Split

The only exception is the 17 to 1 payout frame. This is because this payout amount is associated with two different stake types. You may thus wonder if there are odd differences and which one you should choose.


Wagers with 17 to 1 payouts include both two-number and three-number bets. If you want to place a stake with a 17 to 1 potential payout, consider opting for street bets instead of split ones or trios. The former option has a 7.69% – 8.34% odd frame, while the latter has smaller 5.12% – 5.56% bounds

How To Increase Roulette Odds

There is no better approach than learning about game plans, such as the Martingale Roulette strategy. We have an expert article on the popular gambling strategy that is fully applied to casino Roulette.

Once you get a hold of both the theoretical aspects and a worthwhile practical approach, you will have fully increased your odds of Roulette play.

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