Casino VIP Schemes Exposed

VIP Schemes Exposed: The Truth Behind High Roller Bonuses and VIP Casino Rewards

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Have you ever wondered if those exclusive VIP casino offers are genuinely worth the hype? In the bustling world of online gambling, VIP and High Roller bonuses promise bigger casino rewards and elite experiences.

But do they live up to their grand promises, or are they just a glittering facade? We’ve used our combined years of experience and casino play to join multiple VIP programs with our high-roller accounts. One of our most experienced players, Adina Minculescu, wants to share the ins and outs of being a casino star. The bonuses are shiny, but the time and funds you have to invest are also considerable.

So, should every dedicated player aim to become a VIP member in their favourite online casino, or are the benefits not worth it?  

What Is an Online Casino VIP Program? 

What Is an Online Casino VIP Program

An online casino VIP Program is a scheme set up by the platform where exclusive high-rollers are rewarded for their consistent patronage. This is usually the casino’s way of saying “Thank You” for spending that much on the casino over a specific period of time.

By making your way to a casino’s VIP club, you are given premium access to unique benefits beyond the reach of regular users, some of which include free spins, exclusive access to specific casino games, and a great deal of VIP rewards. 

Based on research, VIP programs often come in two forms: Points-based systems and Tier-based systems. Both types are equally rewarding, but different casinos often go for one or the other. Right now, the Tier-based system is considered the most popular. Later in the article, we’ll shed more light on what each is about.

Pros and cons of VIP Programs 

Now that you are well informed about what VIP programs are, let’s take it further by looking into the upsides and downsides of these schemes.


  • Exclusive bonuses and promotions: This is one of the most notable VIP treatments gamblers tend to enjoy. In this case, as a special VIP player, you can access special promotions only available to your kind. These bonuses are usually more valuable.
  • Higher Cashback Rates: In this case, you are given special cashback offers on your bets over a period of time. At some casinos we’ve reviewed, the cashback on your lost bets is as high as 20%, which is reasonable if you consider the potential benefit in the long run.  


  • Higher spending: This is a major concern, especially for those who can’t have any form of control over their betting. People can end up spending too much, and their gambling becomes a huge threat to their finances.
  • Gambling Addiction: As a high-roller, you are even at higher risk of possible gambling addiction. This is because the more you lose, the more you are compelled to bet to recover lost funds. If you have no control, your tendency to plunge into the depth of gambling addiction is higher, putting you at risk of bankruptcy.

How to become a VIP member in an Online Casino 

It is important to note that the steps to becoming a VIP member could vary from one online casino to another. However, what seems consistent with most VIP programs is that they are often invite-based. The casino must find you worthy to become a VIP player before you are honoured.

However, to give yourself a better shot at becoming a VIP member in an online casino, here are a few tips we found that work:

How to become a VIP member in an Online Casino

  • Deposit over NZ$5000 in a month
  • Play more than NZ$500 daily
  • Consistently use big bets
  • Play on poker tables with bets higher than NZ$10
  • Play on live dealer games and ensure your stakes are high
  • Don’t be quick to clear out your entire winnings

Comparing Top VIP Programs That Our Experts Joined

Comparing Top VIP Programs That Our Experts Joined

VIP Casino Entry Requirement Levels/Tiers Benefits per level Cashback Bonus Offers
BetSafe Casino Point-Based 6 Levels Personalized bonuses, private tournaments, faster withdrawals Yes Exclusive rewards and more
Gate 777 Invite-Based 3 Levels Special welcome bonus, especially at silver, 24/7 access to support, custom bonuses, increased withdrawal limits Yes Custom bonuses, cashback, and a lot more
SlotWolf Casino Point-Based 3 Levels 20% deposit bonus, Monday cashback, 60% deposit bonus Yes Free spins, cashback, deposit match bonus and more exclusive offers
LeoVegas Casino Point-Based 99 Levels Monthly prize draws, exclusive events access, exclusive bonus codes, top-level support for withdrawals and deposits Yes Bonus codes, prize draws and personalized offers like birthday rewards

Benefits of being a Casino VIP member 

The benefits you enjoy when you climb up the VIP ladder in an online casino are unique. The most common benefits include the following:

  • VIP-only cashback bonuses
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Dedicated personal account manager

VIP Program Types

As we hinted earlier, there are two major types of VIP programs: Point-based and tier-based. Now, let’s take a closer look at each.

Point-Based VIP Program

With Point-Based VIP Programs, players are automatically eligible to join the program after completing the registration process. As a player, you must accumulate more points by playing casino games and completing casino-specific tasks. The more points you get, the higher your level in the program, extending your access to even more attractive offers as you scale up.

Tier-Based Program

This format of rewarding VIP players is as old as the existence of the casino gaming industry and is even practised in land-based casinos. Unlike the former, this type of VIP program is exclusively invite-based. So, you don’t get automatic access as a new user. If the casino notices your “high roller habits, you’ll qualify for this program. Casino teams are constantly watching players’ spending habits on their platform, and when they deem it fit that you are eligible, you will be sent an invite to access the VIP program.

However, the VIP program works similarly to the former as there are levels. The more you scale up the level by spending and playing, the more you are given access to even better promotional offers exclusive to VIP players.

High Roller Bonuses vs. VIP Bonuses – What’s the difference? 

High Roller Bonuses vs. VIP Bonuses – What’s the difference

There is a very thin line between high roller bonuses and VIP bonuses, so much so that these terms have become synonymous. 

Casinos offer high roller bonuses to players who deposit a lot of money. These bonuses are usually higher than standard rewards and can include special features, such as lifetime membership or free play on certain games. In most cases, you are more likely to qualify for a high roller bonus when your first deposit at a casino exceeds the minimum deposit amount.

On the other hand, VIP Bonuses are part of dedicated VIP programs that offer even more perks and rewards. These are exclusive memberships for players who spend much money at the casino. VIP offers are always very generous and, of course, much bigger than regular ones. So, one could say VIP bonuses tend to reward loyalty.

In essence, all high rollers can be VIPs, but not all VIPs can be high rollers. So, while both types of bonuses were designed to reward players who make large deposits and play frequently, the scale of spending distinguishes a high roller from a VIP.

How to become a High Roller player?

Essentially, you should play games that require high stakes, deposit close to the maximum deposit limits monthly, and bet with high stakes on every round of gaming at a casino. The casino is watching, and in no time, you will be noticed and rewarded for your consistency.

If you want to be seen as a high-roller by the casino, you want your spending habits and gaming choices to align with what the casino expects from such a high-tier player account. High rollers are seen as the 1% of the 1% of the casino. These people break the threshold of what can be spent on a casino, and to qualify, your spending habits must adhere to these conditions. 

How to become a High Roller player

What benefits do you have as a high roller?

Here are some of the benefits attached to being a high roller:

  • Access to physical gifts like all-expense paid trips to exclusive events
  • Higher withdrawal limits and premium access to personal account managers to attend to your deposit and withdrawal issues at the casino
  • Premium access to rewards that are inaccessible to low-rollers.

How to find the best High Roller Bonuses 

Finding the right high-roller casino bonuses that are worth your time takes some input on your end. However, here are steps to make it easier:

  1. Do Your Online Research: Explore casino review sites and gambling forums to find casinos known for high-roller bonuses.
  2. Figure Out What You Expect From Such Bonuses: Decide what you value in a high-roller bonus, like bonus size or wagering requirements, and your budget.
  3. Compare Casinos: List casinos with notable high-roller bonuses and compare their offers and conditions.
  4. Read Terms Carefully: Pay close attention to the terms and conditions of each high-roller bonus, focusing on wagering requirements and game restrictions.
  5. Check Casino Reputation: Read player reviews to learn more about your chosen casino’s reliability, especially regarding payouts and customer service.
  6. Inquire About VIP Programs: Investigate if the casino offers a VIP program and what additional benefits it provides for high rollers.
  7. Contact Customer Support: Reach out to the casino’s support team to clarify doubts about high-roller bonuses and assess their responsiveness.
  8. Test the Casino: Consider making a smaller initial deposit to experience the casino firsthand before committing to a high-roller bonus.
  9. Decide Responsibly: Choose a casino that meets your high-roller criteria, making sure it aligns with your gaming preferences and budget.

How much do players spend to be high rollers? 

It is important to note that it is not a one-size-fits-all situation with all casinos. Most casinos often do not disclose their spending requirements to qualify as a high-roller, leaving you to learn from experience.

While we’ve established there is no one way in which casinos decide this, one typical pattern we have discovered in our sojourn with casinos is that the spending range has to be between $1000 – $5,000. Spending within this range in a short period gives you a higher chance to qualify as a high roller and get exclusive access to the perks that come with that tag.

The drawbacks of chasing High Roller and VIP Bonuses

Ultimately, High Roller and VIP bonuses are the casino’s way to get the players glued to playing on the platform. 

While the perks can be advantageous, you must put these offers under the lens to ensure they are worth trying.

You want to ask yourself: do I get value for the money spent at this casino with these bonuses? Are the terms and conditions of these VIP or high roller bonuses favourable? Is the money spent worth it? If your answers to the questions above are negative, you want to bother less about trying to get such offers. 

Remember, gambling is not a get-rich-quick-scheme. You want to have a plan as a high-roller before you get into that casino.
Dedicate only a fraction of your earnings you can afford to lose, and remember to gamble responsibly with any amount of money to avoid gambling addiction problems in the future.

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