Responsible Bonus Hunting

Best-Kept Secrets of Bonus Hunting

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The casino gaming industry is a highly competitive, billion-dollar industry. To attract more users, each platform offers casino bonuses. This allows players to claim multiple sign-up rewards from different online gambling websites, creating a phenomenon known as “Bonus hunting”.

This article aims to explore bonus hunting and whether it is legal or not while rounding off with best practices if you want to start doing it.

What is Bonus Hunting?

Bonus hunting is simply like window shopping. In this case, the bonus hunters make it a point of duty to dig around the web for the best bonuses for online casino games available, with an aim to “exploit” them for their gain.

Some of these bonus hunters go as far as studying the terms and conditions of said offers, trying to find holes they can take advantage of for profit without spending anything in return. So, while this may seem legal or appropriate, it is something many casinos frown upon.  In the subsequent paragraphs, we will be exploring the legality of bonus hunting. Hang in there, as there is more to come.

Is Bonus Hunting Legal

The truth about bonus hunting is that it can be a very slippery slope. Many would argue that it is not illegal as they aren’t particularly doing anything against the law. However, the casino platforms are of a different opinion.

In our opinion, we think whether bonus hunting is illegal or not depends on your approach towards it. As such, we will be giving you a few instances where you are most definitely crossing the line of legality with bonus hunting.

When You Create Multiple Accounts

This is one common practice that is used by a lot of casino players to get the most out of welcome bonuses at a casino. Instead of just sticking to fulfilling the wagering requirements of a deposit bonus as a new user, they go as far as creating multiple accounts to have more bonus funds to play with while nursing the hope of winning big to break even.

Staking Large With Bonus Funds

This is one of the few practices in line with bonus hunting that may not seem wrong but is somewhat sketchy. The idea behind this is that the bonus hunter is aiming to win big by ensuring their stake is high at every round. This way, in the event they are lucky, they tend to clear out the casino in a way without spending their own funds. This explains why online casinos dislike the practice, as they tend to make less profit from such players.

Playing High Variance Slots with Small Bets And Cashing Out When a Win is Attained

You might be wondering, how is this possibly wrong? Well, if you look at it intently, you can tell the intentions of the user are unclear. In this case, the bonus hunter is trying to make the most of the promotion by gambling so little but enough to count towards the wagering requirement of the casino offer.

In the event they have achieved their aim by winning big, they are quick to withdraw all the winnings attained without investing more in the casinos. Some casinos, knowing what could be at play in that instance, take drastic measures to seize funds.

Consequences for Unethical Online Casino Bonus Hunting

Here are some of the consequences you are likely to face if you are suspected of casino bonus abuse:

  • Seizing of winnings attained from bonus money
  • Complete shutdown of the casino account
  • Total banning of your IP address, making it impossible to create new accounts with the casino
  • Loss of bankroll, some of which may be your deposited funds as a new user

Best Practices For Bonus Hunting

Best Practices For Bonus Hunting

Looking at the consequences of illegal bonus hunting that have been discussed above, we are sure you don’t want to be found on that web. Here are some of the best practices for bonus hunting we highly recommend:

  • Do your findings on the best casino bonuses you think are favourable and stick to one
  • Avoid creating multiple accounts with your preferred casino
  • Study the bonus terms and conditions, whether it is free spins or deposit match offers, and adhere strictly to them
  • Ensure your first deposit meets up to the minimum stated in the terms
  • Pick offers with 200% bonus match, 300% match, or even 400% match if you find them for maximum profit
  • If you must deposit to claim an offer, go for a low $1 deposit or $5 deposit deal for minimum investments. Avoid $10 deposit bonuses or higher.
  • Avoid being in haste to process a withdrawal from online slots after generating wins with the bonus funds
  • Ensure your initial deposit is tangible enough to show your commitment to spending at the casino
  • Avoid clearing out all your winnings at once, especially as a new casino user.

New Zealand Casinos With Attractive Bonus Packages

Here are a few New Zealand casinos with very impressive bonus packages:

New Zealand Casinos With Attractive Bonus Packages


Conquestador is one casino that particularly packs a punch with its offers for new users, aside from the top-tier gaming experience the online gambling website guarantees. As a new user, you are entitled to five bonuses on your first five deposits. Not to mention the highly attractive loyalty program that awaits you when you become an active user.

Slotozen Casino

As a new user at Slotozen, you can start with demo versions of every slot. This feature is handy before claiming any bonuses because it helps you get familiar with any games you’re planning to play. Their catalogue consists of over 4000 slots from superstar providers like NetEnd or Pragmatic Play. If you decide to stay after you’ve played through the welcome bonus, you’ll also benefit from quick payment options like Skrill, Neteller or Crypto and a fast withdrawal time as well.

LuckyWins Casino

Luckywins Casino is another great option, and their bonus is one of the best we’ve seen. On top of that, you’re free to play over 6000 games from every category. Just like with Slotozen, you’re free to try multiple demo slot games before deciding to play with real money. Once you’ve signed up, you can pick various bonuses and decide on a strategy for profit.

Play it Safe With Bonus Hunting

As we have emphasized in this text, bonus hunting can be legal or illegal depending on how you go about it. We highly recommend you follow our pro tips mentioned in this article to avoid being penalized for bonus abuse.

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