Casino Terms and Conditions

Casino Terms and Conditions

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Many disputes start by accepting a site’s T&Cs without paying attention. Let us explain how to look for critical details fast for a safe NZ casino experience.

Warning: terms are legally binding

Warning terms are legally binding

It works just like a contract: when Kiwi players accept a casino’s terms, they legally bind themselves to the site’s conditions.

Moreover, by the official New Zealand standards of web Terms and Conditions, the named customer is responsible for adhering to the rules stated in the document.

This means that, in case of any disputes between the casino and New Zealand players, the T&Cs agreed on by the player can constitute evidence on either side:

  • A casino may prove that the customer did not adhere to the terms or that the T&Cs warranted against the unpleasant situation constituting the cause of dispute;
  • The NZ players may prove that the casino did not respect the promises made in its terms.

Be aware

  1. Although most online casinos offer gamblers the possibility to tick a box and accept the T&Cs, some consider that once a new Kiwi player registers, he/she also agrees to the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Usually, online casinos must inform New Zealand players about any changes in Terms and Conditions after players have accepted them.

New Zealanders should generally access the T&Cs of an online casino in the website footer, either before registering or after creating an account.

Pay attention to these aspects

Pay attention to these aspects

We know how overwhelming a long section of technicalities can be when you just want to play, so we will break down all key sections found in casino T&Cs:

Introducing you to rules and terms

All casino websites will begin their T&Cs by defining several essential words and phrases.

For instance, this is the place where New Zealanders can confirm that the casino is legit and safe by checking the license number and owning company.

More proeminent online casino brands are often owned and operated by stock-listed companies, which confers an extra assurance of trustworthiness. Kiwis can find this detail by checking the license number found in the Terms and Conditions.

Usually, in the User Agreement, the casino will be referred to as “We” or via the brand name.

Many casino T&Cs will refer to players by using the pronoun “You” or words like “user” and “player”. UnThis will also be specified at the beginning of T&Cs.

Other important elements described in this section are:

  • Applicable laws;
  • Gambling Transaction;
  • Payment Provider;
  • Prohibited jurisdictions;
  • Bonus terms;
  • Services;
  • Software;
  • Stake/bet;
  • Winnings;
  • Withdrawable funds;
  • Withdrawal, and more.

While most of these concepts will be briefly explained in a Terms and Conditions introduction, New Zealand players should look carefully for the definition of a player account. It is highly likely they will find out how many accounts they are permitted to hold.

Usually, New Zealanders should expect to be allowed to have one account per casino.

Legal aspects

Legal Aspects

Casino T&Cs may change according to the online casino’s licence and its legal affiliations.

For instance, casinos licensed by Malta Gaming Authority will abide by European Union gambling-specific legislation. In contrast, UK Gambling Commission licences will come with legal obligations according to UK gambling law.

However, any online casino approved by the relevant laws in New Zealand (in this case, the Racing Industry Act 2020) offshore may be used by New Zealand players.

The Racing Industry Act of 2020 and other competent authorities in New Zealand will ensure that any online casino that enters the NZ market from abroad is appropriate in terms of the license and compliant with its legal obligations.

How do these aspects influence New Zealand players?

It’s pretty overarching and straightforward: the licence and legitimacy of a casino ensure that:

  • New Zealand players can make safe financial transactions;
  • Personal details are secure;
  • The casino and players can be held accountable for any unlawful activity;
  • Gaming products, betting, and game rules, and prizes are safe and in the player’s interest.

In essence, this is how New Zealand players are sure that the online casino is held to a high standard of regulatory obligations and that they are as safe as possible from personal injury.

Who is allowed to play?

Who is allowed to play

Generally, there are two conditions for someone to be allowed access to an online casino:

  1. The player is of an appropriate age for gambling;
  2. The player is accessing the website from an accepted country.

Appropriate age

Generally, T&Cs state that nobody under 18 years old is allowed to open an online casino account and play.

However, you will find that this statement is completed by mentioning that anyone considered underage in their country is forbidden from online gambling.

Be aware

If any underage New Zealander lies about his/her age, this will be deemed a fraudulent activity by the casino and will be reproved by closing the account, forfeiting any casino winnings and bonuses, and paying a considerable fine.

This is a complex matter in New Zealand, where there are different age restrictions.

For instance, according to NZ gambling laws, New Zealand players will be fined for entering a casino if they are under 20 years old. Our explanatory guide gives a comprehensive list of Kiwi age restrictions and an overview of NZ rules and regulations for the industry.

Accepted countries

Accepted countries

There are two primary reasons why a country would be banned from an online casino site.

First, when the online casino license does not meet the requirements of the country.

Some countries require a specific license. For instance, the UK prefers gambling platforms licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC).

Secondly, some countries ban online gambling altogether, so no citizen of such countries will be allowed to play on a website, even if it is marked as offshore.

In New Zealand, Kiwi gambling enthusiasts may access an online casino only if it is licensed by at least one relevant authority and only if it is registered in a different country.

Always check the T&Cs for accepted/banned countries before attempting to open an account. You can easily do this by pressing Ctrl and F and looking for the keyword: “countries”.

Your rights & obligations

Your rights & obligations

The T&Cs of an online casino have to mention what users are entitled to while using the platform.

These benefits must always include the security of a New Zealander’s details, transparent and secure financial transactions, fair ruling on withdrawal requests, access to customer services, and the right to be informed.

The T&Cs, also called User Agreement, may also reveal the specific terms of your use of software applications, showing what you may use and download.

At the same time, New Zealand players bind themselves to specific obligations, such as:

  • Providing accurate information to the casino throughout completing the registration form, KYC, and other additional verification procedures;
  • Only playing if you are of legal age for Internet gambling in New Zealand;
  • Not approaching any casino games if you possess an unfair advantage, like calculation software;
  • Not engaging in any fraudulent activity with your bonus or cash funds;
  • Not abusing the online casino customer services;
  • Respecting the casino intellectual property rights.

The more developed online gambling operators on the market have a brief section designated to specifying these binding conditions.

However, most casinos scatter NZ gamblers’ rights and responsibilities throughout the T&Cs. We made sure to explain the exact status of New Zealand gamblers, the laws they must obey, and how New Zealand regulations protect them.

How to handle technical issues

How to handle technical issues

A casino T&Cs approach technical issues in two main ways: possible unfair losses caused to the player and illegal user activity via software.

In the first situation, handling website malfunctioning that may affect a player’s game is handled at the casino’s sole discretion.

Some casinos are more helpful in regards to site glitches and offer compensations to players for any losses that may incur:

  • Returning to the player’s account any money that the player had already betted on the affected game;
  • Voiding all bets;
  • Keeping any winnings the player might have had on that game before the malfunction took place;
  • Restoring the player’s account balance to the existent amount before the player entering the affected game.

Other gambling sites will not offer any compensation for casino game malfunctions.

Software tools that New Zealanders might use to increase their winnings in fraudulent ways:

Software tools that New Zealanders might use to increase their winnings in fraudulent ways

  • Using a VPN to open multiple accounts in different currencies or to play at an online casino under a fake address from an accepted country;
  • Making use of any kind of cheating software that allows hacking through casino encryption and manipulating information;
  • Using multiple devices at the same time to increase winning chances;
  • Taking advantage of game server glitches to win more money.

These are only a few examples, and the NZ online casino will decide the policy for each case at their absolute discretion.

More prevalent consequences include exorbitant fines, voiding bonuses and winnings, account closure, and even taking legal action.

Be aware

Many casinos will freeze your account and funds for any suspicion of such fraudulent activities while they conduct an official investigation.

About games & technicalities

About games & technicalities

In this section, the User Agreement is meant to inform New Zealanders about the games available on the website and their technical particularities.

Game technology dictates whether a Kiwi player can access a high hit frequency when playing a jackpot and get a sense of possible play outcomes by analysing the RTP.

Game technology dictates whether New Zealand players can access a high hit frequency when playing a jackpot and what the play outcome may be.

What else?

You will also be taught whether and how to install the casino software if it is downloadable and what shortcuts will then download into your device.

Downloadable desktop gambling apps come with specific hardware requirements for PC or Mac users, which will be specified in the User Agreement.

Mobile apps support different versions of operating systems!

For example, for iPhones and iPads, the app may support the iOS 9.1 version and newer. In contrast, for Android devices, the app may only work on Android™ 4.4 and require specific processor qualities and memory space.

Even non-downloadable desktop versions work better on particular versions of browsers like the newest Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 10.0.

Account maintenance and identity checks

Account maintenance and identity checks

These two sections inform New Zealanders about the following details:

  • How to open an account;
  • How to maintain an active account;
  • How many accounts can a Kiwi gambler own at one time for anyone online casino website;
  • A Kiwi player’s obligation to provide specific personal details to the online gambling site accurately and appropriately;
  • Explaining the necessary documents, the processing time and the moments for the “Know Your Customer” verification checks.

Your account status

It is important to specifically search for the casino’s policy regarding active and inactive accounts.

Many online casinos will impose fees, block accounts, or void cash balances after a fixed period of player inactivity.

Terms and Conditions will always define the term “inactivity”. Sometimes, this means that the player has not logged in for a long while, typically in the multiple-month range.

Other times, New Zealanders should make regular casino transactions to maintain their active status.

Beginner gamblers can find it tricky to make resourceful casino transactions regularly. Our team of gambling experts guides people who are just learning the ins and outs of online gambling sites to navigate a casino in a fun and safe way.

Know Your Customer procedures

Know Your Customer procedures

These verification checks are done to ensure the integrity of the site and the security of other players. That’s why you usually need to upload:

  • A copy of your ID or passport;
  • A utility bill and/or bank statement;
  • Proof of address;
  • A copy of your bank card with the six digits on the front side and the last four digits on the back.

According to the casino, you may be required to prove your identity right after registration or when you make your first withdrawal.

In other cases, casinos may also require additional verification checks on your first-ever deposit or if your transactions are over a specific amount of NZ$.

Some of the best online casinos will only take one day or up to two days to complete the verification checks, while other sites can take more than 72 hours.

The rules of deposits & withdrawals

The rules of deposits & withdrawals

Before deciding to sign up with a gambling site or not, it’s important to know if the deposit and withdrawal policies are convenient for your financial status.

New Zealand players can find how long it takes for the casino to process their money when making a deposit and the time the gambling site needs to process withdrawals.

What to remember?

  1. Processing time may be longer or shorter according to the casino policy and sometimes depending on your chosen payment methods.
  2. The time a casino takes to accept withdrawal requests is different from when your payment service provider of choice needs to process your transactions.

T&Cs will often show both time frames. If it becomes confusing, New Zealanders can always consult our online casino reviews.

Sometimes, payment services will be mentioned in the User Agreement. Other times, New Zealand players will only be able to see them once they create an account and make a payment.



Most deposits at online casinos are instantly transferred to your player balance.

Generally, online gambling sites allow New Zealand players to use more payment methods than withdrawal methods.

A great online casino allows New Zealanders to choose between up to seven popular payment methods, such as:

  • POLi;
  • MuchBetter;
  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill Moneybookers;
  • Paysafecard/PayPal.

Fees on deposits are not at all the norm. However, should this be the case, the website must mention the fees’ existence and exact value in the Terms and Conditions section.

Most of the time, New Zealanders will automatically be assigned the currency of their country after sign-up. Nonetheless, many websites offer a wide choice of currencies, like EUR, USD, GBP, CAD, NZD, etc.

Very few casinos offer a maximum deposit limit. Almost all of them require players to pay a minimum fixed amount.



T&Cs usually stipulate that New Zealand players withdraw via the same service they used for their first payment.

If this is not possible, most gambling sites can arrange for an alternative cash-out method. In this case, fees will differ according to the service you use and casino policy.

New Zealanders should also pay attention to specific conditions imposed by the casino to accept a withdrawal request. The most common prerequisites are:

  • Completing the KYC process;
  • Having a minimum amount of cash in the player’s balance;
  • Fulfilling wagering requirements for any active offer;
  • Not having an active bonus at the time of the withdrawal.

Most withdrawals take between one and three days. Any more than that is not usual for the average in the industry.

Currencies used at cash-out and for all casino transactions usually match the currency ascribed at sign-up.

T&Cs should always mention the minimum, and maximum withdrawal amounts allowed by the casino so that your withdrawal request is successful.

Make the most out of your bonus

Make the most out of your bonus

General Terms and Conditions may address some promotional rules, such as general wagering requirements and bonus availability time.

However, New Zealanders are encouraged to look specifically for additional T&Cs related to promotions.

What other names you’ll find

These are might also be called ‘Bonus terms and conditions’, ‘Bonus policy’, ‘Promotional Terms’, “Promotional policy”, or equivalent.

Bonus terms are designed to inform New Zealand players of all necessary conditions they need to fulfil to ensure they will not lose a promotion or any related winnings:

  • The availability and wagering requirements for specific bonuses;
  • Minimum deposit required to access a particular promotion;
  • Bonus codes;
  • Games and the percentage to which they contribute towards a bonus wagering requirement;
  • Specific titles meant for a promotion to be played on, or forbidden games for specific promotions;
  • Minimum and maximum bets allowed while playing the promotion.

One essential thing New Zealanders should pay extra attention to is the definition of irregular play in Terms and Conditions. Any such action opens players up to losing their bonuses.

Often, wagering a bonus right before cashing out is difficult when requirements are high. We created a complete guide to approaching wagering requirements legally and strategically so that NZ players don’t lose any winnings.

Limitation of liability and copyright issues

Limitation of liability and copyright issues

The limitations of liability section in a casino T&Cs addresses the risks an NZ player chooses to take at his/her sole discretion.

Once registered with an online gambling platform and agreeing with its Terms and Conditions, New Zealanders accept that the casino and/or its owning company cannot be held accountable for specific situations such as:

  • Any fair player losses;
  • Any loss or damage from existent links on the site;
  • Players’ misuse of casino services or software.

On the other side, New Zealanders should pay close attention to how they use any copyright site material when downloading any casino software.

The most common interdictions are:

  • copy, reverse engineer, redistribute, publish, or modify in any way the source code;
  • distribute the software to anybody in any way without the relevant approval;
  • use the software in illegal ways.

New Zealanders should consult the T&Cs about all these rules and regulations before taking any action in these respects to avoid legal apprehension for any misuse of website services.

Violation of terms

Breaching the T&Cs implies that the casino may take any action according to its rules and regulations and applicable laws.

These apprehensions can range from voiding player account balances, removing and blocking player accounts, fees, expenses, and costs related to legal action.

As we mentioned before, Terms and Conditions work like a legally binding contract. So any violation of the terms will hold in court.

Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy or Privacy Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policy refer to the protection and use of Kiwi players’ details.

The Privacy Policy is designated to inform you about:

  • The personal information gathered by the site about you;
  • How your personal information is used;
  • What third parties have access to your personal information;
  • How the website ensures your details;
  • What your rights are concerning this matter;
  • Marketing materials;
  • How to contact the casino team about your details.

For marketing purposes, almost all online casinos will use cookies to collect information about your online behaviour and device with the aim of enhancing your website navigation and overall experience.

Cookie tracking technologies include:

  1. Strictly necessary ones: to help NZ users log in and to catch policy violations;
  2. Functionality ones: to remember a Kiwi player’s choices such as language, currencies, authentication, etc.;
  3. Performance: for analytics, metrics, and statistics;
  4. Marketing and advertising: to offer tailored promotions;
  5. Social media: for shares, likes, and distribution of material.

The T&Cs explain how these terms work in depth so that there is no issue regarding the security of your information as well as the gambling site’s integrity.

Our advice on how to solve T&Cs issues

Our advice on how to solve T&Cs issues
New Zealanders must read through T&Cs carefully before deciding to sign up, as T&Cs can truly show if the site and the player are a true match.

CasinoAlpha: T&Cs Aces

Our expert eye and everyday gambling experience allow us to discern what is relevant for players to know about online gambling sites.

We know the enthusiasm to play can overwhelm anybody into skipping a stuffy T&Cs page and jumping into the best gambling sites. That’s why our experts dive into every casino’s terms and summarise the points any player should know before making a decision.

New Zealanders will benefit from checking our selection of online casino bonuses NZ to decide if their gameplay suits the site policy. The bonuses on our site are all professionally tried and tested, and their bonus terms are clear and debunked for every player’s understanding.

So, you’ve chosen your perfect match in terms of online gambling.

Does that mean everything will always work out smoothly?

Perhaps. However, issues may still arise and need conflict resolution. We explain in-depth how to avoid such disputes, why they happen, and what resolutions you should expect.

Last but not least important: The User Agreement reminds NZ players that gambling is not just about play and legal power but also touches on the Responsible Gambling policy.

Kiwi users can also learn to avoid having a gambling disorder. Our step-by-step indications spill the tea on all the early emotional, financial, and social signs, institutions that can help, and steps you can take today to never have to deal with this issue.

You know more than when you started reading

To summarise, carefully reading the Terms and Conditions section for online gambling is a must for Kiwi players to find crucial information, including:

  • All legal liabilities for them and the casino;
  • A clear description of the necessary conditions they need to attain for playing at the casino;
  • How to maintain their account status active;
  • Details regarding verification checks;
  • How the casino will handle technical issues;
  • Instructions on how to reap the rewards of their bonuses;
  • The gambling website’s cookie and privacy policies.

When in doubt about interpreting a stuffy T&Cs section, New Zealanders can always consult our expert online casino reviews tailored to their gambling needs and any questions they might have.

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