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Our experts created a guide to help you solve disputes quickly. Even though online casinos provide a fun experience, players may encounter issues.

A step-by-step guide for NZ casino disputes

A step-by-step guide for NZ casino disputes

After years of experience in the gambling industry, we gathered crucial information on how players should approach online casino disputes.

In what follows, we shall put ourselves in your shoes and go through all the steps you need to take to handle a casino dispute with clarity, assertiveness and conciseness.

Onwards we go!

How to handle and continue a dispute

There’s a chance that NZ players may get involved in a casino dispute.

To bring this chance even lower, we recommend looking for safe and reliable top online casinos NZ. And here is where we step in with specialised online casino reviews and verified promotions tailored for the NZ gambling market, so casino disputes can’t make you worry!

Now, let’s see the steps to handling a dispute!

Step 1. Get to the bottom of your problem

Before commencing any casino dispute action, we advise NZ players to put all their pieces of information together and trace back the process that led to the issue in question.

How can you do that?

Here is a set of top questions that you should consider asking yourself when tackling the problem:

  • The 5 Ws, also known as who, what, when, where and why. These structures will help you mentally trace the actions and reasons that created the issue;
  • How was the communication between you and the customer support team?
  • What expectations did you have regarding the outcome?

These serve as a starting point for finding out the root of your problem and will help you figure out if you breached the terms and conditions of that NZ casino.

Check the terms and conditions!

Check the terms and conditions

It is crucial to read the T&Cs in-depth before you start gambling at a casino. Even more, there are cases when the information is delivered in a complicated manner, and you might breach the terms without even knowing.

Our team of experts comes to help you with structured reviews, where they test the entire Website, gather all the necessary info and organise it so that you can have easy access to whatever you need.

What if you haven’t breached the terms and conditions?

In that case, you are covered. Now, you can work on your arguments.

Understand your rights and obligations

Each NZ player must obey the set of rules imposed by the NZ casino. By the same token, the casino must respect and take into consideration the New Zealand player’s rights.

The good news regarding this aspect is that we have summarised your rights and obligations as an NZ player. Our description will give all the pieces of advice you need before playing to get you ready for legal, safe, and fair online gambling participation.


Before you file a complaint, we recommend you read through the privacy policy as well as the T&Cs to make sure that you are covered in case of a casino dispute.

Step 2. Set an ultimatum

Step 2. Set an ultimatum

First and foremost, you should discuss the matter with the customer support team. They will know what steps you will have to take next or if there is a need to redirect you to a higher department.

Let’s add some detail on facts you can debate with customer support.

Remember the top questions from the beginning of this guide? In addition to those, you should present them with a file containing all records of conversations between you and them.


To make sure that everything runs smoothly and you are covered in case of an unclear situation, take screenshots of your winnings as well as while you are gambling.

Step 3. Speak to a higher gambling authority

In case you believe that your issue was not appropriately addressed and still requires guidance. We advise you to talk to higher gambling authorities that deal with casino disputes.

Let’s take a look at those available in New Zealand!

What comes after disputes?

What comes after disputes

Since the NZ gambling market is mainly focused on land-based casino disputes, unfortunately, there are few online ones. Nonetheless, NZ players can appeal to the authorities that licensed the respective casino.

Here is a list with top licensing authorities:

Licensing authority Contact details
UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) +44 121 230 6666
Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) +356 2546 9000
Danish Gambling Authority [email protected]
Swedish Gambling Authority +46 (0)152-650 100

Be aware

Bear in mind that the casino must be licensed by these authorities to send them a complaint.

Now, let’s take a look at the testing agencies:

Testing agency Contact details
eCOGRA [email protected]
Gaming Laboratories International +1-732-942-3999
iTech Labs

Be aware

Don’t forget to check if the site is verified by the agencies mentioned above before contacting them. Otherwise, your raised complaint to them will be useless.

When and why casino disputes happen

Why casino vs customer disputes happen

Now that you have seen how to manage a dispute, it’s time we take a look at the origins!

Common reasons for disputes:

  • Account:

It refers to problems encountered while opening an account, ill-treatment from the casino operator.

Suppose you want to start gambling at a specific NZ casino. The procedure is more or less the same for all casinos. Nonetheless, there are cases when the phone number tab does not work, and you don’t receive a verification mail or a code through your phone.

  • Promotions:

Imply losing the promotion without notice or reason, not receiving the casino welcome bonuses after depositing.

There are cases when the Website has a glitch. It either cannot load the Promotions page, or the bonuses are not given after depositing.

  • Software:

Includes being logged out of the account without reason, glitches, funds that are no longer available without a cause.

For example, while you are logged into your account and amid a high stakes game, you automatically log out. Some casinos have this embedded in their software to impede addictive gambling. Still, they usually let you know beforehand about this option. This, however, could potentially lead to significant and permanent losses and to a casino dispute.

  • Payments:

Are comprised of declined transactions, double charges or issues with the KYC checks.

There are cases when several payment methods are subjected to fees. This could be a problem if you don’t find anything related to this in the terms and get charged without even knowing.

Can your bonus get cancelled?

Can your bonus get cancelled

In short, yes. NZ online casinos can cancel your bonus based on several factors and, in some cases, even without prior notice.

In our experience as casino disputes experts, we managed to provide you with reasons why casinos might choose to do this.

We shall discuss them further!

1. Opening multiple accounts

Before registration, you should know that all NZ casinos accept only one account per New Zealand player.


By creating multiple accounts, New Zealand players can easily abuse the welcome offers provided by the casino. Any attempt of doing this will lead to your current bonuses being nullified and your account permanently closed.

2. Using software errors to your advantage

Websites in themselves can have technical errors and glitches. If you take advantage of them, it is considered cheating, and you will be sanctioned.

3. Showing signs of “suspicious behaviour”

There are several reasons why NZ casino disputes could potentially consider your account suspicious and eventually remove your promotion. You can usually find them in the Bonus Terms and Conditions section.

But let’s see which are some of the most common:

  • Stacking bonuses or not finishing them;
  • Signing in from several devices;
  • Making many low-risk bets.


If all these terms seem overwhelming to you right now, no need to worry! Our casino team will tell you all the basic dos and don’ts for fresh NZ players. This is a beginner’s step-by-step guide that all NZ players should consult before gambling.

4. Disrespecting the casino staff or other players

Disrespecting the casino staff or other players

Any casino puts at your disposal several methods to contact them. Be it via Live Chat, e-mail or telephone number, you must treat the assistance team with respect and keep everything civil.

Moreover, some NZ casinos provide chatrooms where you can communicate with other New Zealand players.

In this case, hate speech or any racial, sexual, or offensive comments are strictly forbidden. The consequences include bonus cancellation and, worst-case scenario, account termination. In such cases, casino disputes will not have a pro-player outcome.

5. The offer is no longer available

Each promotion has a predetermined time limit. Moreover, New Zealand players must wager it a number of times before cash out. If these requirements aren’t met within the time frame, you could get into a casino dispute and may lose the bonus entirely.

6. Using a VPN software

Any Virtual Private Network software is banned in the online gambling industry since casinos have accepted and restricted areas where they operate.

7. Displaying signs of “irregular play”

Defining irregular play can be a tough job because it varies depending on the casino dispute policy. Yet, it generally refers to low-risk betting in table games.


If you discover any errors within the casino website, it is crucial to inform the casino ahead of time not to hold you liable for cheating and terminate your account.

How to avoid casino disputes

Our advice for not getting into that situation

We advise you to take into account the following steps in order to avoid a possible casino dispute.

  1. Read the T&Cs. It is imperative to be knowledgable of your obligations as well as your rights even before you start gambling;
  2. Specific requirements apply to fast payout casinos. Our team of experts checked them all and gathered them in a user-friendly manner;
  3. Search for casinos with good licensing. The license plays a big part in defining if a casino dispute is likely or not. Look for the ones that have one or more than one stringent licenses;
  4. Read our reviews. We are passionate players, just like you, so we test, analyse and research every casino we put on our Website to make sure that you get the best experience;
  5. Use responsible gaming tools. Gambling addiction is a serious matter that sometimes can appear out of the blue. It is crucial to notice its signs and prevent its stay. We researched the various methods you can keep yourself afloat, be it tools or a gambling addiction support service;
  6. Ask the support. When in doubt, ask for help. It is better to know the information right from the beginning than to encounter a bad “surprise” along the way and get into a casino dispute.


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