Traps of Mobile Casino Apps

How to Avoid Casino App Traps: Protect Yourself from Heavy Losses!

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We show you what common mistakes most NZ players make on casino apps that cost them thousands of dollars. Stay alert and choose wisely with us!

Don’t Fall for Illegitimate Casino Apps

There are a couple of steps that you need to religiously follow in order to avert the risk of cyber security or forgery of your account. Here is an account of common mistakes that people make and pay the consequences for later on.

Security Risks with Mobile Casino Apps

Mistake #1: Not using official App Stores

When it comes to gambling, you must be aware of all the sources you use to get them. If you opt for apps, ensure you download them through the App Store dedicated to your phone type, official casino website, or trusted listing platforms

Many people use ‘sideloading’ to get their mobile casino apps, which can be perilous. Firstly, such an activity can be very harmful to your mobile device. Sideloaded apps often come with many bugs and viruses that can cut the life expectancy of that device. Other than that, those viruses can also play a part in compromising your details. 

Mistake #2: Failing to Evaluate the Operator

Even if you use an authorised app store, it is not necessary that you are downloading the legitimate app. To avoid this mistake, you need to check whether the app is from a licensed authority. 

For example, if you download the LeoVegas app from the App Store on your iOS device, there is a very good chance that you are downloading an app that LeoVegas does not authorise. Instead, it can be an app uploaded by a third-party source to hack into the user’s device and commit malpractices. 

Don’t Rush into Apps You Know Nothing About!

The risks of non-credible gambling apps are not only restricted to downloading but also to gameplay. You can get lured into fake schemes in games like putting in a high bonus or even plots of higher payouts. 

Here are the common mistakes that people make while playing games on such kinds of apps;

Gameplay Risks with Mobile Apps

Mistake #3: Failing to Check the Game List

Usually, mobile casinos provide the same game list on both your phone and your desktop. However, it is important always to check if the games are compatible and do not present lags. You will probably lose your current stake if a live casino game lags or an online pokie stops working correctly. The potential loss of winnings, money, and a good gaming session should be enough to ensure the game’s optimisation. 

Check official lists of games available on a particular app or online reviewing platform to avoid such mistakes. 

Mistake #4: Not checking the cashier 

There can also be a situation where you download an app and face an issue with the cashier conducting the games. You can register all your account details and not find a payment method available, which is known as CNP (card not present) fraud. 

Moreover, this method usually attracts players with promising Welcome Bonuses. People register but are unable to cash out winnings or even deposit money. 

We have tested 34 casino apps that are accessible from New Zealand. We applied the security verification scale by app certifications, SSL locks, ATS locks, and financial transactions. 

So, here are 4 apps that we scored highly:

Casino App Security Score Compatibility Best feature
LeoVegas 9.7/10 iOS and Android The slot game variation.
ICE36 9.6/10 iOS and Android Fast processing of requests.
SpinRio 9.5/10 Android Good jackpot selection.
Temple Nile 9.5/10 iOS and Android Takes up less space on your phone. 

Having a safe app is crucial if you are playing casino games for real money. You will have to add information about yourself, IDs and your funds to play the gambling sessions. This is why our author, Mihnea Mosneagu, tested many apps and revealed the best-performing ones. Kick off your mobile casino journey with a free signup bonus no deposit mobile casino nz and enjoy the thrill of gaming on the go.

When you are choosing a casino app from our list, make sure you read our complete review and check if the app is compatible with your phone.

Downloading an NZ Casino App the Right Way

Downloading an NZ Casino App the Right Way

These are the following things to keep in mind while downloading an NZ Casino App the right way;

  1. Before downloading, ensure the casino is legit, with licenses, offers, and fast payment methods.
  2. To download any NZ casino app on your iOS device, go to the Apple App Store and click on the download button after checking the company that uploaded the app. Follow the same steps for an Android device, with the app on its official Play Store. 
  3. Be on the lookout for app updates as they affect the user experience. 
  4. Be very mindful of the operating company that has uploaded the app to avoid scams. 

How to Tell if a Casino App is for you?

When you put real money and your privacy at stake, it is very important to know that the app is safe and will not cause you any harm whatsoever. One way of checking that is reading customer reviews, as too many negative reviews should automatically warn you about the app. Also, ensuring a credible gambling establishment licenses the app is very important. 

Terms and conditions often go unnoticed on almost every app, but when it comes to mobile casinos, you must check the rules and pay attention to details.

These are just some criteria one should consider when dipping their toes into online gambling. If an app fails to meet even one of these, then that app is most probably not the best for you.

Our specialists recommend being aware of all types of online casino scams and frauds, as many are out there. Follow all the steps mentioned above, and you should be able to do so with relative ease. Take your time, read official NZ casino reviews and decide your best option.

If an app fails to meet all the steps mentioned above, it can be very tough to recover from all the damage these scams cause, as everything related to casino apps is about your private information and a lot of money. Enjoy your time gambling online, but be responsible!

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