How Does AI Make Casinos Safer

How Does AI Make NZ Online Casinos

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Discover how AI is making online casinos fairer and more secure, and see how AI is used for game analysis, automation, and more.

How Is AI Making Casino Gambling a More Secure Experience?

With AI becoming more mainstream this year, more top online casino sites businesses have been positioning themselves to exploit its perks for advancements in their business operations and returns and online casinos are no exception.

The casino gambling industry, being a service-centered industry and a product of evolution, has been trying out new methods to ensure players enjoy a pleasurable gaming experience. Hence, Adina Minculescu, one of the main editors of our team, has noted that popular casino brands like Conquestador and Spinz Casino have a strong reliable reputation in the industry customers can rely on.

One major concern for a lot of casino enthusiasts when playing games at online casinos is safety. Over the years, stakeholders in the industry have sampled different solutions to address such concerns.

With AI coming on board, it has been a major game-changer as it has helped automate processes steered towards addressing customer concerns with regards to safety.

Let’s address some of the major ways AI is being used to make playing casino games safer for you:

Implementation of Responsible Gaming

Gambling addiction is one major concern that has been talked about for years. For many casino players, they don’t know when they are veering off course, before it advances to addiction. While there is regulation in place that different casinos operate under to facilitate safe gambling, it hasn’t particularly been enough.

Today, online casinos are striving to implement the use of AI to overview a gambler’s activity when playing games of luck on a specific platform.

Tudor Turiceanu, chief editor of Casino Alpha NZ, mentions that FreeSpino, a strong presence in the online casino community for several years, has decided to implement AI technology to make their services safer than ever for customers. This popular brand is only one among many other reliable online casinos that treat their customers’ safety with the the great importance it deserves.

In plain terms, AI could be the “all-seeing”, monitoring your betting behaviour and gambling habit while playing different games. This innovation, if used appropriately, could be reliable to protect gamblers from possible addiction.

Tightening Security

Already, many licensed operators are highly secure as they use fool-proof security measures like encryption. However, some sophisticated hackers can develop ways around that system, regardless of how difficult it can be. Seeing how worrisome this can be, online casino operators are already using artificial intelligence as an extra layer of security.

AI in this case is applied to help security by spotting suspicious activities on the betting platform, and triggering systems to crack down on such activities automatically before the platform is compromised.

Protection of Customer’s Data

Customers’ data, especially payment details, getting into the wrong hands can be disastrous. Typically the various security systems set in place by most top casinos, makes it hard for customers’ data to be compromised, however, it doesn’t make it impossible.

With AI being applied to monitor activities, it could easily alert the system when there is breach of data, further working in favour of the customer.

Tailored Betting Experience

With new online casinos and popular brands now being able to monitor your betting activities across a selection of games like top real money online pokies, poker, live casino, and table games, it is more informed about what your interests are. With this information, it could initiate a custom betting experience tailored to your needs.

One way this can be applied is by notifying you of relevant promotions based on your history of how you interact with other promotions. It could also help with game suggestions based on your preferences. The casino’s use of AI can overall enhance your betting experience on the platform.

Downsides of AI in Online Casino Gaming

While the upsides of AI, especially as it relates to safety for the user cannot, be denied, there are some problems associated with the use of AI.

No Regulation of AI

Currently, AI is widely unregulated which means it can be exploited, especially by the casinos. With casinos getting an abundance of data about a customer’s behaviour, they’re likely to use this information at their disposal to have users more engaged with the platform and playing for longer hours. For example, with a casino knowing what type of promotions players respond well to, they could come up with tight bonus terms steered towards ensuring the user plays longer.

As such, it is important that the use of AI is well regulated in a way that the operators are briefed on the boundaries they’re not allowed to cross.

Compromise the Institution of Gambling

Some online casinos allow the use of AI bots, like poker bots, to play at tables. The downsides of allowing such a system is that they’re programmed to study the patterns of other real players at the table, giving it an edge to win more. In such cases, the game is not a level-playing field as the regular humans playing against the bots can’t match up to it.

Helpful Tips for Safer Online Gambling

While it is true that reputable casinos are making headway with using AI to guarantee your safety when playing immersive games, there are steps you have to take on your own to guarantee your safety. Here are a few of them:

  • Study the casino’s privacy policy, particularly to have an understanding of how they use customer data. This should help you determine if the casino is unsafe
  • Use mobile casinos or mobile apps if available, as their technology is more proficient
  • Ensure the casino you are playing at has a gambling license from a respectable authority, such as MGA or UKGC
  • Avoid clicking on unauthorized links sent to you by parties claiming to be the casino’s customer service
  • Casinos with very strict terms and conditions, especially for their welcome bonus and payout, can be a red flag
  • Wager at casinos that have clear and fair play policies

Experts’ Final Insights

From all indication, the technological advancement called AI is here to stay and we can expect to see more online casinos harness it to guarantee a premium mobile and desktop gaming experience.

Adina Minculescu
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