10 Secrets About Online Casinos

Maximize Your Casino Wins With Secrets Only Insiders Know

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Did you know that you can beat online casinos at their own game? Our experts disclose the top 10 ways casinos ensure they always win, arming you with insider knowledge to turn the tables in your favor.

Luck Favours Prepared Users – Research Casinos Before Taking Chances

It’s important to research multiple top online casinos before choosing one to play at. Doing this allows you to avoid frustrations after you’ve signed up and deposited money.

This can be done by reading unbiased casino reviews and investigating a casino’s offering to see if it matches your needs and expectations.

Some of the common factors that New Zealand players usually consider include:

Casino Games

Generally, players will want a large volume of games to choose from. Providers are also important as they offer high quality gaming with fair RTPs. Look out for top-tier providers, such as NetEnd, Playtech and Microgaming.

Return to Player (RTP)

A casino’s RTP is an indicator of the likelihood of winning, as opposed to the ‘house edge’. It’s important to play at casinos with an average RTP of at least 95% to have a good shot at winning.


It’s important to research the payment options at a casino to see if you’re able to deposit and withdraw. Common payment methods include:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Bank Transfers
  • PayPal
  • E-wallets

You’ll also want to look out for casinos with low or no fees and short payment processing times.


If you’re a seasoned gambler and want to withdraw large amounts, you may want to check out casinos that offer unlimited withdrawals. If you’re on a budget (or just want to withdraw more often), low minimum withdrawals may be a factor.

Customer Support

Customer support provides answers to your questions and resolution to any disputes you may have. Look out for casinos that have as many channels as possible, particularly 24/7 live chat to get an immediate response.

VIP Program

VIP programs offer added value in the form of casino rewards to loyal players. Look out for a robust, tired VIP program if you’re a repeat player. However, you may want to be weary of bonus abuse pitfalls.

Cashing Out Made Simple – Know the Rules Before Collecting Your Winnings

Understanding Withdrawal Processes and Pending Periods

A reverse pending period is when your transaction times out and your money is reserved. It poses a risk as the reserved funds can be paid out without verification, potentially leading to mispayments and fraud. In the case of malicious activity, reversal of the charge may not be approved (and paid back) by your bank.

Casinos usually offer a number of methods to combat this. Withdrawal locks can be used to disable withdrawals for a specified amount of time. Manual flushing holds your withdrawals until they’re fully processed. No matter what, it’s extremely important to consider your intentions and safety when making any withdrawal at a casino.

Juggling Accounts Like a Pro – Master Multi-Accounts and IPs for Casino Success

Having multiple casino accounts is risky as it increases the likelihood of someone hacking into your account or you could be flagged for fraud (suspected money laundering). If someone has your IP address, you could receive spam or your account access could be restricted. In extreme cases, someone could impersonate you and steal your funds.

Casinos have strict rules about using multiple accounts. If you have more than a certain number, you could potentially be blocked or even blacklisted – be sure to check the rules. It’s important to notify the casino about situations involving multiple players from the same household or IP address. To do this, you may need to provide evidence, such as joint accounts and proof of residence.

Knowledge is Power: Don’t Skip the Terms & Conditions

Understanding Terms and Conditions

It’s important to read a casino’s terms and conditions to know what you’re signing up for and to avoid errors – read the fine print. While they generally provide guidance to ensure your safety and security, they can reveal a number of restrictions.

Overlooking the casino’s terms and conditions can lead to mistakes such as accidentally partaking in activity that could be considered fraud (e.g. using someone else’s identity documents to sign up for an account). Bonus rules should also be noted as these often require minimum deposits, a limited number of claims and some that you may not even be able to cashout.

It’s also important to consider how your data is used by the casino to ensure your security.

Wagering 101 – Get Schooled on Gambling Rules

Wagering requirements are the most common rules imposed by casinos, but the fact that they change terms from website to website, it is difficult to know exactly what to look out for to be able to complete the wagering requirements easier and faster.

To do that, you should be aware of:

  • The maximum bet allowed – each casino sets its own maximum bet allowed for slots, while the wagering requirements are active. Betting higher will result in voiding your bonus funds.
  • Special terms – some casinos state in their terms and conditions rules for special events, like winning a jackpot. On some websites, if you won a jackpot, you won’t have to complete any wagering.
  • Wagering contribution – not all games contribute the same towards the wagering requirements. For example, in some cases live games will contribute 100% towards the wagering requirements, in other cases 0%.

Our authors recommend you always read the terms and conditions page of each bonus you claim as all the information is displayed there and you avoid the risk of losing your bonus funds.

Winners Know the Best Games – Learn Top Picks for Casino Success

When choosing casino games, the “best” depends on your goals. Here are top games for popular objectives:


  • Highest RTP – Blackjack, Jacks or Better (video poker), and Bloodsuckers (slot) have some of the best RTPs.
  • Biggest Jackpots – Progressive slots like Mega Moolah can offer jackpots in the millions. Table games don’t offer huge jackpots.
  • Easy to Learn – Blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat are fairly simple to pick up. Avoid more complex games like poker at first.
  • Fun Factor – Most players enjoy action-packed slots. But table game fans find roulette, baccarat and blackjack exciting too.
  • Lowest House Edge – Blackjack gives the casino the lowest advantage, followed by craps and baccarat. Slots usually have higher edges.

Considering your goals will help you pick the most suitable games. Playing slots on demo will help you define your style better.

Check Twice, Wager Once – Proper Licensing Means Safer Gambling

Checking the License and Regulation

Licenses are important as they’re an indicator of trust that govern online casinos in terms of safety, fair play and responsible gambling. Licenses, such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, are highly regarded and can be seen as a sign of legitimacy and trust.

Others, such as Costa Rica and the Curacao Gaming Authority, are offshore licenses which are less regulated. This increases the likelihood of unfair RTPs and problem gambling (e.g. gambling addiction and getting into debt). Data protection could also be an issue. Not only could your data be used without your consent but it could increase the chances of malicious activity and fraud.

CasinoAlpha recommends only trusted casinos in our casino reviews.

Get Greenlit with KYC – Key to Legit Casino Gambling

A casino’s KYC process typically involves uploading or sending documents to verify your identity, as well as payment methods to confirm a legitimate source (and destination) of income. This is vital to not only ensure that it’s really you who’s playing, but also to prevent issues, such as money laundering.

Potential delays associated with completing the verification process include:

  • Using someone else’s identity to verify your account
  • Registering when not ‘of age’ (18 or younger)
  • Using someone else’s or an illegitimate payment method
  • Using falsified documents to verify your account

Some casinos offer the option of using anonymous or no-registration functionality for New Zealand players who prioritize privacy, but this could come with its own set of risks.

Avoiding Advantage Play and Bonus Abuse Pitfalls at All Costs

Advantage play, such as card counting and hole carding, is a method used to gain an advantage over other players while gambling. Bonus hunting strategies usually involve players signing up to as many casinos as possible to claim welcome bonuses (and other bonuses), such as free spins.

While these strategies are not illegal, casinos have strict rules against them. They attempt to prevent advantage play by monitoring all actions at the casino and ensuring fair play via independent auditors, like eCogra. Bonus hunting is avoided by casinos creating complex bonus rules. These include:

  • Having strict withdrawal requirements
  • Lowering bonus payouts
  • Blocking risky locations

It’s important to read and understand bonus terms and conditions before claiming them to avoid rule violations.

Conversations Count: Document Discussions for Protection

It’s important to keep a record of all correspondence between you and the casino in the case of potential misunderstandings and disputes. Clear documentation offers a paper trail that you can go back to at any time. It is recommended that you save all email communication, request transcripts for (or screenshot) live chat interactions and record phone conversations if and when possible.

This provides unmistakeable proof that the interaction took place and that you were given specific information that the casino may dispute later on. It’s also a good idea to get the name of the agent you’ve spoken to and/or a reference number for your issue so they understand the context for future interactions.

CasinoAlpha Insider Insights

Researching licensed casinos beforehand and understanding their terms and conditions will help you to choose the best bonus for you. Knowing the measures casinos put in place to avoid player advantage, fraud and other malicious activity will ensure that your gaming experience is as safe as possible. CasinoAlpha expert, Adina Minculescu, emphasizes these points when selecting and thinking about future interactions with your chosen online casino.

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