Winning Odds at New Casinos

How to Calculate Your Odds of Winning at New Casinos

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Calculate new casinos’ winning odds with the CasinoAlpha process. We show you how to find sites with the best odds & top strategies to raise your chances.

In this article, our experts will explain that:

  • New casino odds are the chances of winning provided by new gambling sites.
  • Odds of winning at new casinos work based on mathematical algorithms and casino terms.
  • There are other factors that affect your new casino winning odds, including casino promotions, house edge, game variance and rules, as well as skill levels.
  • To calculate your odds of winning at new casinos, you need to employ probability principles, consider game odds, betting limits, cash-out limits, fees, and bonus selections.
  • Effective strategies of increasing your odds at new casinos include in-depth research, optimal fund-management, and bonus usage.
  • You can identify new casinos with high winning odds using our 6-step process.
  • You can compare winning odds at new and established brands to make informed decisions.

We provide more details in our sections below.

What Are New Casino Odds?

New casino odds represent the chances you have of winning when you are playing at newly launched casinos on the gambling market.

The best new online casinos we listed after weeks of testing provide generally high odds because they need to attract as many new members as they can.

Some of the most popular elements provided by new casinos are:

  • Sign-up promotions
  • Massive game collections
  • State-of-the-art game features
  • High RTPs
  • Partnerships with up-and-coming software developers
  • Excellent user experience

Many of these elements can contribute to raising your odds of you use them appropriately.

How Winning Odds Work at New Online Casinos

Winning odds at new online casinos work mainly based on the games’ mathematical algorithms and the sites’ terms and conditions.

Licensed and trustworthy new online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure that you have a fair chance at winning by providing unpredictable outcomes.

At the same time, the T&Cs that apply to how you play, the bonuses you can get, how much you need to wager, and any limits to your winnings affect your odds equally.

The user experience of a new site can also have an influence. If the games load slowly or have glitches, you can lose more than when playing at a website where games load quickly without any issues.


Make sure you take into consideration all the factors that influence your gameplay when calculating your winning odds at a new casino.

These are the factors that affect winning odds at new casinos:

  • Game rules can affect your winning odds considerably. If you don’t know how to play a game you are likely to lose more often than win. The same goes for the situation in which game rules are incompatible with your gamestyle.
  • House edge: The house edge of a casino shows you the statistical advantage that the casino holds over players. Its purpose is to ensure the casino’s profitability in the long run. Lower house edge new gambling sites offer you better-winning odds.
  • Variance of individual games at a new casino: Different variance levels affect the frequency and size of payouts. High-variance games provide you less often with a win, so your odds of winning are higher when choosing low-variance games.
  • Skill-based games give you a better chance of winning because you have some control over your outcome by learning and applying the right strategies.
  • Terms and conditions can increase your odds of winning when they provide flexible betting limits, high maximum cash-outs and small wagering requirements. However, they can severely lower your odds if they are too strict or confusing.
  • Promotions can help you raise your odds of winning by supporting your budget. New casinos with a varied bonus selection is better for your odds because it allows you to receive support regardless of your membership status.

How to Calculate Your Odds of Winning at a New Zealand New Casino

You can calculate your odds of winning at a New Zealand new online casino by analyzing each of the factors we described and deciding how beneficial they are for you.

Let’s take it step by step:


Step 1: Understand Probability and New Casinos

Understanding probability allows you to apply this principle to new websites when calculating your odds. Here’s how you can apply it to a new casino:

  • Determine the sample space, which is a long list of all the possible game outcomes. For instance, when playing Roulette, your sample space is the list of the possible numbers and colours that the ball may land on.
  • Assign probabilities to every outcome in the sample space based on the rules of the game and the new casino.
  • Calculate the winning odds by adding up the probabilities of all the favourable outcomes and then dividing the sum by the number of all possible results. In Roulette, when you bet on a specific number, you can calculate the probability of that number coming up by dividing the total number of ways in which it could come up by the total number of possible outcomes.
  • Calculate the house edge by subtracting the sum of all the winning possibilities from 1.
  • Compare your winning odds with the house edge to see exactly how much profit you can have at the new casino. If the house edge is larger than your potential profits, you know that your winning odds at that casino are low.

Step 2: Calculate Game Odds at New Casinos

Game odds are defined by the RTP of the new site’s games and the popularity of the site.

Let’s explain: You play at the same time as multiple people around the world. So, although a game may have, say, an RTP of 95%, the game will provide 95 returns for every 100 times it is played.

This includes all the players that access the game at the same time, not just the number of times you play it.


While you can’t know the total number of players accessing games at the same time as you, you should play it safe by picking games with RTP values that are higher than 97%.

Step 3: Determine Odds According to Betting Limits

Your odds of winning are considerably affected by the bets you place. You need to pick new websites with betting limits that accommodate your budget and playstyle if you want to increase your odds.

Calculate the chances of winning at a new casino based on the betting limits imposed by using the following method:

  • Identify the minimum bet that you can place on the games you intend on playing. You can either do this by checking the casino’s terms or by accessing the game’s rules directly.
  • Check how much money you’re willing to spend at the new gambling site during a day, a week or a month.
  • Divide the total amount of money you are willing to stake by the minimum bet to determine how many times you can wager during the time period you decided at the previous point (a day, a week, a month).
  • If you can place less than 15 bets, you can determine your odds as low.

Step 4: Consider Cashout Limits & Fees

Cashout limits and transaction fees can severely impact your winning odds because these terms dictate how much of your winnings you actually access.

With low cashout limits and high fees, you access very little of your total results, which is the same as winning less altogether.

Factor in how much of your winnings you can access when calculating yout odds of winning at new casinos.

Step 5: Consider the New Casino’s Bonus Selection

Check if the bonuses provided by the new casino are advantageous to your gameplay and if they are varied enough to accommodate your necessities.

For instance, if the new gambling site has bonuses for new and existing players, with low wagering conditions and loose restrictions, your odds are high.

Here are the main bonus types you should see in a new casino to determine if they will help raise your odds:

  • No payment required bonuses for new members
  • Welcome packages with bonuses on multiple deposits
  • Free rotations on your favourite games
  • Cashback bonuses that return a percentage of all you lose over a time period
  • Daily or weekly spins
  • Loyalty promotions
  • Reload offers

Step 6: Put It All Together

Adding up all these factors can help you calculate your odds of winning at new websites for gambling with greater accuracy.

It’s difficult to find a new casino NZ that checks all of your boxes, so here is how you can best consider these aspects overall:

  • Decide on your budget
  • Decide on your gameplay
  • Make a priority list where you assign the highest priority to the elements that affect you the most


Say that you are playing on a tight budget of NZ$50 per month and prefer playing strategy games. In this case, you should prioritize the odds calculated based on betting limits, transfer fees, and bonus selection.

Strategies to Raise Your Odds of Winning at New Casinos


  1. Research the new casino properly to ensure it has the best odds for you
  2. Manage your budget using smart tools and methods
  3. Maximize the promotions you use by determining the optimal betting patterns.

To research a new casino properly, you need to take a few essential steps:

  • Read expert casino reviews by industry professionals. This helps you compare multiple new gambling sites and get crucial insights on the one you want to play at before committing financially.
  • Look for feedback from other players regarding the new site you want to play at. Do this by searching for the name of the casino on online gambling forums and social media platforms.
  • If the new casino provides pre-registration customer service, we recommend testing it out before signing up. This will show you the reliability of the casino staff and how trustworthy the company is.


When researching the new casino, you must first identify if it is licensed and trustworthy. Then, look for information about the factors that influence your odds of winning.

To manage your funds optimally, make sure you first determine the budget you can afford to use on online gambling. Then, use the following methods of sticking to it:

  • Determine the maximum bets you can place
  • Play for a predetermined amount of time based on your available funds
  • Choose games that allow you to play according to your budget
  • Set deposit, wagering, or loss limits to ensure you don’t overspend
  • Take time off when you feel like you’ve grown frustrated and are tempted to overstep the budget

Useful tools provided by most New Zealand new online casinos include:

  • Financial monitoring tool: this tools allows you to check your betting history and see how much you win or lose overall after a longer period of time
  • Budget calendar: this tool helps you program your bets and set limits
  • Game history tool: this tool shows you what games you prefer, what you’ve played so far, and how much you’ve won or lost in each game
  • Reality check: this is a tool that reminds you regularly how much time has passed since you started playing

You can make the most out of the bonuses you use by:

  • Carefully reading the promotional terms before opting for a bonus and paying attention to the terms that can make or break your winning odds, including wagering requirements, maximum bet limits, availability, and cash-out restrictions.
  • Determining the optimal deposit amount to maximize the bonus value without overstepping your budget limits.
  • Using the bonuses to explore different games, whenever possible, and find more suitable winning opportunities for you

How to Identify New Casinos with High Winning Odds

  1. Check if the new casino holds a valid license from reputable regulatory bodies, like MGA, the UKGC, or Gibraltar. Licensing ensures that the casino provides fair winning odds for all players.
  2. Verify if it also provides games from reputable providers such as NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, or Play’n GO. These usually create games with high RTPs and strong security.
  3. Find out if the game selection offers you the games you are best at. Playing the games you know significantly increases your odds of winning.
  4. Investigate if the games hold certifications from independent audits such as eCOGRA and iTech Labs. Such games have favourable odds and cannot be meddled with.
  5. Check player and expert reviews of the new casino, to find out the necessary information about the factors that most influence your winning odds.
  6. Follow our process to calculate the new casino odds of winning and compare it with the odds offered by other casinos. Then, choose the site that is most convenient for you.

Compare Winning Odds in New Casinos and Established Online Casinos

After testing the best online casinos in New Zealand, we can provide you with an in-depth comparison of the elements that influence your odds of winning in established and new online casinos.

Firstly, while new casinos ensure high winning odds due to their innovative game features, established online casinos have already had opportunity to build a much bigger selection of games. Their titles are usually created by reputable providers, so you have higher chances of finding higher RTP options that increase your winning odds at established sites.

Secondly, new platforms provide more advantageous bonuses and promotions because they aim to attract a lot of players and build their membership, while established casinos don’t need to do that. Well-known online casinos focus more on the bonuses they provide for loyal members.

Lastly, the house edge tends to be higher in new operators because they need to make a little more profit to ensure their continued success. Established gambling sites are already making enough profit and can afford to lower the house edge.


Always research your casinos and calculate your odds using our process! Our comparison is drawn on general aspects, but each casino has its own terms that can influence your odds.

Did you find out everything you needed to know?

Help us help you by offering your honest feedback on our guide. Is it easier now for you to calculate your odds of winning at a new casino, or would you like us to expand on a few things?


How can I find new casinos with high winning odds?

You can find new casinos with high winning odds by picking the sites that have:

  1. An official and trustworthy license
  2. Reputable casino game providers 
  3. Varied game selection
  4. Independent audit certifications
  5. High expert ratings and good player reviews
  6. High odds calculated by the factors that best apply to you, such as bonuses, RTP, etc.

How can I increase my winning odds at new casinos?

  • Choose games with high RTPs
  • Research new casinos thoroughly and compare them
  • Manage your funds responsibly 
  • Optimize your bonus usage
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