How to Spot Hidden Casino Bonus Terms

How to Spot Hidden Casino Bonus Terms

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Casinos commonly use bonuses to entice new participants and maintain the interest of the existing ones. However, you must check the T&C for each bonus.

Which Bonus Terms are Usually Hidden?

According to the UKGC, bonus terms should not be hidden. However, some information may seem more difficult to access, especially for beginner gamblers. The purpose of this guide is to provide gamblers with all the information they require on promotion rules, minimum deposits, wagering requirements, and other pertinent information to assist them in comprehending the bonus policies of the casino bonuses offered in New Zealand.

Our team will address the following topics:

  • Players eligibility
  • Wagering contributions
  • Excluded games
  • Excluded strategies
  • Withdrawal limitation

Are You Eligible?

A player must be eligible to have access to casino bonuses depending on the terms and conditions outlined by each online casino. The county of the player’s locations, age limit (usually 18 years, but can vary depending on the region or country), and if they are new participants or regular players are all eligibility requirements.


Some casino networks could have more stringent regulations than others. Even if a company owns five distinct casinos, you could only be able to use a bonus at one of them if you don’t have an account at the other four. The promotional conditions of each platform, which further detail the advantages you enjoy at the sister sites, should always be read carefully.

How to Find the Wagering Contributions?

To understand and meet up with the wagering contributions of various games, follow this step-by-step list we provide.

  • Read the bonus terms and conditions: Navigate to the online casino site, check out the specific bonus main page, and search for a link that mentions the bonus terms.
  • Identify the section that describes the wagering contribution. Find out the contribution rate for each game. The page often specifies how often you must bet, deposit, and bonus.
  • Choose your games.
  • Calculate your wagering requirements.
  • Observe any excluded games: Check if there are any excluded games because excluded games do not contribute to the wagering requirement.
  • You can also contact the online casino’s customer service for further information if the wagering contributions are unclear.

Usually, the wagering contributions are in the general bonus policy, not in specific terms. To have better chances of completing the wagering requirements, we suggest NZ players opt for online casinos which provide slot bonuses as they usually have 100% wagering contribution for slots. Moreover, such promotions are more beginner friendly and allow players to explore the casino and get familiar with the general game rules.

Average wagering contributions for games in New Zealand

Game type Wagering contribution %
Slots 100%
Table Games 0% to 50%
Video Poker 0% to 20%
Live Casino Games 0% to 50%

What Are You Allowed to Play?

The terms of the majority of bonuses often mention eligible games. The games you can use the spins on, for instance, are likely to be mentioned in the case of the extra spins promotion. You must read the general bonus policy to find out which games are disqualified. Even when an offer is slot-focused, it might only be applicable to some of the slots.

Usually excluded games

  • Table games
  • Progressive jackpots
  • Live casino games
  • Virtual sports and betting

Do You Play the Right Way?

It is essential to understand which strategies are forbidden when it comes to casino gambling.

  1. Blackjack card counting
  2. Martingale betting strategies
  3. Cheating attempt
  4. Bonus abuse
  5. The utilisation of Artificially Intelligent (AI)

Where do casinos tell you this information?

Some popular means casinos broadcast their forbidden strategies through:

  1. Terms and conditions
  2. Gambling policies
  3. Play guidelines
  4. Casinos customer support

Martingale limitations in roulette

Martingale limitations in roulette are simple to understand and easy to practice. It is a betting strategy mostly used in roulette. The goal is to double your bet for each unsuccessful roulette spin, and if you win again in the future, you will earn back whatever losses you suffered, as well as a small profit.

Spot Vital Withdrawal Terms

Maximum cashout may be readily available, but other terms like “you must deposit to withdraw your no-deposit winnings” may not.

  1. Minimum withdrawal: You need to have a minimum amount in your account before you can cash out your funds.
  2. Withdrawal methods: online casinos often offer withdrawal methods, including e-wallets, credit/debit cards, or bank transfers. It is important to be aware of the withdrawal options and their processing time.
  3. Verifying procedure. Most casinos require you to complete a verification step before approving your withdrawal.
  4. Process time for withdrawal. Processing time can vary; some online casinos process instantly or within a few hours, while others require several working days.

How to find other relevant information for withdrawal

  1. First, visit the casino’s official site
  2. Read the terms and conditions carefully
  3. Contact customer service for further enquires
  4. Read reviews from trusted sources. This can help you understand the withdrawal experience.

Quick Recap

We encourage New Zealand players to always read the terms and conditions to see if an offer is advantageous to them or not. Although some offers may provide all the relevant details, like minimum deposit, validity period, and wagering requirement, they may still not be 100% transparent regarding other aspects like the wagering contribution and the eligible games.

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