How Live Casino Game Providers Affect Your Winnings

How Live Casino Game Providers Affect Your Winnings

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Live casino providers can affect NZ players winning in specific ways. Find out how your chosen game provider can affect your payout rate in this blog.

How Can the Provider You Play Affect Your Wins?

Live casino providers have the freedom to tweak some aspects of the games, which can affect your winnings.

The provider sets the house edge

Game providers can customise their preferred house edge, following certain guidelines and regulations. Different live online casinos in New Zealand have varying house edges, which can impact your winnings.

A house edge is the percentage return to a casino from each bet. The house edge is also known as the statistical advantage online casinos have over players in any casino game.

For example

Say the house edge of an online game is 3%. This means the casino keeps 3% of a player’s total bet. The higher the house edge percentage, the more money the operator keeps from the player’s bet.

When choosing live casino providers, pay close attention to the house edge. Lower house edge implies players stand a better winning chance.

A game’s payout rate depends on the house edge

The house edge and payout rate are inversely related. A lower house edge reduces the casino’s advantage and increases the potential winning chance of players. A higher house edge means the player will lose a higher percentage of their bet to the operator over time.

A house edge is an essential factor that determines the payout rate in a live casino. The lower the live casino game house edge, the higher the potential payout. The live casino payout rate can be calculated by subtracting the house edge from 100%.

Game payout rates differ between providers

Live casino providers generally have different payout rates, which is majorly due to their difference game variations and rules, and house edge policies. New Zealand players should research and compare these casino providers to find the best payout rates on their favourite games.


Players should try out multiple high payout rate rooms, then choose the live games they like, with low house edges.

Top NZ Live Casino Providers with High Payout Rates

Rank Live Casino Provider Best Payout Title Payout Rate %
1 Pragmatic Play Blackjack 99.54%
2 Microgaming Blackjack Pro 99.48%
3 Playtech Live Blackjack Pro 99.40%
4 Ezugi Live Baccarat 98.90%
5 Evolution Lightning Roullete 97.30%

Pick Your Games Carefully

  1. Do your research and compare different popular live casino providers. Know the type of reputation they have among users. Ensure a reputable gambling body licenses them.
  2. Decide on the type of live casino games you wish to play. Different live games have different payout rates; choose one you are confident playing and comfortable with the payout rate.
  3. Check for information on their payout rate. Look for information on specific live casino games payout rates and compare across different providers. Check online for these payouts and remember they can vary among games of the same provider.
  4. Confirm whether the live dealer casino you want to play at undergoes regular audits. This helps to ensure that an independent agency has checked the payout rate and the results displayed are accurate and reliable.
  5. Understand the relationship between house edge and payout rate. Focus on playing at live online casinos with a low house edge; this will improve your winning odds.
  6. Read users’ review on their experience with the live game payout. You should double-check this information here with reliable online sources as experience may vary among players.
  7. Responsible gambling is important. Always remember to gamble responsibly, don’t gamble with more than you can afford to lose.

Casino Alpha Verdict

The house edge and payout rates are inversely related. Live casino game providers set house edge based on many factors, and these house edge strongly affects your winnings. New Zealand players are advised to choose a live online casino game with a low house edge. They offer a better winning chance.

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