Otilia Pavel

Otilia Pavel

Author & Editor

As you want to make sure the casinos care for you as a customer from a legal standpoint, keep an eye on Otilia’s reviews, as she studies law as a passion. She can and will ensure that not only the design of a casino is ideal, but that your money is safe and responsibly played!


Gambling expertise

User experience, Slots


Faculty of Law


University of Bucharest

Gambling Experience

+1 year

Other Areas of Expertise

Customer support reviewer

Gaming interest starting point

Starting in the iGaming universe, Otilia understood that an eye for illicit terms is advantageous to prepare the players for a worry-free gambling experience.

Towards a good session, she soon realised that the platforms’ graphics also have their role. This idea had its inspiration from the online Slots designs and how they are presented to the public.

She then became compelled by how a user is appreciated on iGaming platforms, testing, and navigating the customer support side.

When gambling is turned off

In her teenage years, Otilia learned of her interest in cinematography and concepts that would make anyone wonder their mind through.

Getting a glimpse from films, she wanted to practice her abstract thinking and offer that back to people, which led her to be drawn to law, as some consider it an abstract science.