Ema Neacsu

Ema Neacșu

Author & Editor

Outside her voluntary work for a multilingual magazine, Ema shapes a professional product to enlighten gamblers across barriers, using her language studies to cross every linguistic obstacle. Thus, you can also learn to employ promotion obstacles in safe gameplay!


Gambling expertise

Irregular Play, Bonus Rules, Safe Gaming


Applied Modern Languages


Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Gambling Experience

+1 yearUK Payment Methods

Other Areas of Expertise

UK Payment Methods

Gambling journey

Driven by her passion for writing helpful and expository articles, Ema embarked on a lasting gambling adventure, wishing to simplify the gaming world for new punters. In that aspect, not only did she present the available promotions for interested players, but she made sure that they could prudently use bonuses to their fullest extent without any adverse outcomes.

As a researcher, platform-tester and dedicated writer, she focuses on delivering comprehensive, transparent and up-to-date articles that all gamblers could use for an easier and safer experience.

Outside the gambling box

When she is not analysing operational casino terms and irregular play patterns, Ema enjoys writing compositions on various topics, especially history and art. She likes to unwind by watching documentaries, psychological movies, or rollerblading with her friends in her spare time.

A prominent personality trait is an ever-growing love for animals and nature, which is why she turned to veganism. Additionally, her biggest dream is owning a countryside house surrounded by her loving pets.